Praying In Tongues For a Baby In A Coma

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  1. Praying In Tongues For a Baby In A Coma

    Child in Coma since age of 2 months because of baby sitter shaking her . Little girl's is now 8 months . Mother brings her to church against Doc's wishes .

    Watch to the end .

  2. TY Dusty for the vid. I prayed out loud to my Father in heaven. It turned to be tungs just 4 a shot while. I have been getting very much closer to God since my recent break up. This is where I need to be right now. A miracle has happened in this little girl in the name of JESUS. It also is going to happen to me soon. Thank YOU Jesus. Amen

  3. When we cry out to God with all our heart, the Holy Spirit will give us the words in a heavenly language to express what is deep within us that we cannot express in our own langage. Just continue to cry out to Him each day and He will met with you :)
  4. Chili ..... I told you that already and you just have to believe and wait for your miracle . I know you arfe hungering and thirsting after God and that you will be filled just as David was in Psalm 41. As the deer pants after water.... Yes , Chili wait upon Him and His promises . He is ever so close to you .

    Yes that resonated in my spirit about this little girl and I know God can perform miracles such as this . We serve a miracle working God who is the same yesterday , today and forever and when you think .... forever is a long time .

    Ya know people can speculate and say what they want about the power of the Holy Spirit but we know that these gifts are possible when we hunger for more of Him .

    I know this was on Youtube but the original I got was from that church but I could only find it on YT to put it here and of course there are those who dispute all of this but whatever they say will never squash the Holy Spirit and His miracles.
  5. I cry out a lot lately to Jesus n pray in tongues to HIM. My problem is not fixed but I am much closer to God, which is what HE wants me to do. When i cast my problems upon HIM HE is made perfect in my weakness. HE made me HE can heal me or what ever HE wants' to do with me. mostly I pray in tears right now. It is also a gift. Crying very much humbles your heart and bow your head to my Father in respect and love. It comforts my heart n less pain.
    Spring is here and I will bloom a new flower. God is constantly renewing life. mine included. I love my God, I love my God, I love my God, I love my God I LOVE OUR GOD!!!

    Jesus please forgive me for my sins. I'm so sorry for hurting people especially my wife. Lord i surrender my life to you. i can,t do this any more. I let go of all my bondage's and give them to YOU. I can't hang no more Jesus. I recommit my life to YOU JESUS because I love you. Come into my heart Jesus and heal me, humble me, soften my heart, let me shine the light of truth to the people around me. When they see my tears, let them see tears of JOY because of a softened heart. OOOOOO my GOD! I love YOU!!..............................................Thank YOU your HOLY name Amen......I love you Poppy
  6. Amen Chili .... Keep crying to Him . He hears you and as you wait on Him those heavy bands will be broken and I am praying that He gives yolu such a bad taste in your mouth that you will never ever want to touch that evil stuff again . Satan you are a lier and a thief and you have no right hanging around Chili .... no more so be gone .... Chili is God's child .

    Yes Chili just like Spring the old is new again . Walk in newness of life . Jesus is your healer. He heals your brokeness and restores you to a new beginning . A marvelous beginning . Praise God Chili . OUr God Lives.

    There is a song and I am going to look it up .... The God of the mountain is still God of the Valley ...

    I found it Chili ......
  7. Chili you're doing the right thing to cry out with all your heart to the Lord and completely give yourself to him like this. Keep believing and confessing these good things He is bringing to pass in your life.

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