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  1. I have made a new thread where we can discuss Carrie Fisher, Robin Williams and any other people that suffered from manic depression (bipolar disorder).
    Often these people are in entertainment business cos they are hilarious and funny, when they not at the funny farm.
    They need our prayers.
    Sometimes humour is a coping mechanism.

    I dont know first hand about the episcopalian church being abusive, but I do recall reading many stories of molestation of children at the hands of priests - and also it has a reputation of being gay friendly. One book I read called 'the bishops daughter' was revealing about this. Also I remember reading Laurence Olivier was abused as a boy by a priest, he belonged to the Anglican church. I didnt know they had official priests like the catholics do. he became a famous actor instead of a minister like his dad.

    Robin Williams was in a movie called License to Wed in which he played a minister, checking that a couple genuinely loved each other before they tied the knot. I was shocked by his death...I remember the day it happened, I just couldnt believe it.

    Carrie Fisher wrote several books detailing her struggles with mental illness. She wont mind us talking about it, as its in public now I guess. Her second marriage collapsed after she found out her husband had turned gay. Apparently he forgot to tell her and she forgot to ask. She has one daughter, Billie. Previously she was married to the singer song writer Paul Simon.
  2. Back on the day when Robin Williams died, I wrote this on facebook:
    When the futility of the comedy to cover past pain becomes overwhelmingly apparent. Robin Williams, we'll miss you.
  3. My favourite movie was Madame Doubtfire...based on a really good childrens book by Anne Fine.
    I also enjoyed Flubber, Aladdin, Night at the museum, and Mork and Mindy.

    he played an alcoholic in a movie called Shrink, which I was surprised to see. That seemed a bit close to home.
    He played a clown in Patch Adams, based on a true story.

    I was at work when heard and all the girls in the office were going ??? Cant be. at first thought it was Robbie Williams, the british singer. Then, cos the company I worked for was involved with celeb pictures, they had to caption all his photos...

    I thought what is it with comedians and suicide? I remember hearing that Owen Wilson attempted at one stage too.
    also Judy Garland...great actress and singer also known for being funny and comedic, had a lot of problems and suicide attempts.
  4. Of course substance abuse would be a factor. It seems these people more vulnerable to that, but...they also choose temptation rather than the way of Jesus, who has the power to deliver them.
  5. Trauma in early childhood, not necessarily molestation, often triggers thing in the brain. For example, a parent could shake a baby to stop them from crying, or yell at them unnecessarily, and this can damage a baby..and growing up, can make them feel unwanted and unloved.
  6. Neglect and inappropriate touch also a factor. This is just my observations and experiences. it would be different for each person but nobody really knows the cause of manic depression. I would say a combination of fear and trauma .
  7. Yahoo just ran a news story today citing the number 1 reason for depression: childhood abuse
  8. All children just want to be loved. When affection is not shown, they will crave it from somewhere else. Or withdraw.
  9. Carrie said she had issues with her dad. Without going into detail, as its all in her book Wishful Drinking and others shes written...he abandoned the family when she was about 2 years old for Elizabeth Taylor.
  10. Over the decades I came to realize that childhood abuse is the number 1 reason for prostitution and homosexuality. The connection between prostitution and childhood sexual assault is well documented, but when a university overwhelmingly tied homosexuality to childhood sexual assault, the story was immediately pulled and there is no trace of that story to be found.
    The politically correct version is that homosexuals are born that way. This protects the perpetrators....pedophiles.
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  11. I have found that too. If its not inapporpriate touching from within the family, it will be outside, those in trusted positions especially clergy, can abuse their position easily AND get away with it. Also workplace harassment, esp if that person is new and much younger. paedophiles will always go after those yet to reach puberty cos they not learned how to say NO. They are easily led astray. Then they are convinced it is a good thing and are tempted to perpetuate this evil when they grow up.

    That is why Jesus was so hard on those who caused children to fall and said it was better that those ppl tie a millstone around their neck and jump in the sea.
  12. Well Carrie had a child with this so called born gay he couldnt have been born that way.
    Ppl that say that ...I dont know how they imagine how THEY were born. They had parents didnt they? there will always be some issue of molestation, many times the child will not recall it openly as its too shameful and the perpetrators will say its 'their secret'
  13. Some people hold on to it for years. We need to confess to someone else if weve been hurt so we can be healed. The prayer is for that person who hurt you they wont do it again or to someone else..and to let go of it.
  14. The reason I believe Robin Williams was molested in the Episcopal Church is because of his recurring depression and his ever more frantic efforts to cover it up with comedy.
    I did the same thing. I was repeatedly molested by my older brother. When I ratted him out by running from the room crying, I was simply sent back to be further molested(conditioned). He became ever more abusive as I resisted. Sexual abuse became verbal abuse and then emotional. Then finally physical. My dad was rarely home and my mother was allowing it to continue because she had sick plans for me later.
    Years later I attempted, for the sake of "family" to appease my brother through a comedy routine. I would find things tat made him laugh. He is a sick human being so anything sadistic made him laugh. A few decades later, I just couldn't keep it up anymore.
  15. I'm sorry to hear that.
    You ok now? You safe? I will pray that you let go of your family and all the bitterness. God will have his vengeance, or grant them repentance.

    I dont know Robin Williams case...but it seems like he was having financial difficulties that was leading up to his demise and thought maybe the death insurance would cover his mounting debts. The article said his dad was a nominal episcopalian and his mother was a christian scientist. I didnt know much about the christian scientists, but they obviously believe something different yet call themselves christians. It seems similar to WOF doctrine.

    The comedy..I never thought his comedy was the mean sarcastic kind but he would take the mickey out of people.
  16. Mostly it is self deprecating humour. ms Fisher comes across that way too...she sends up herself. If she took everything seriously she would go a bit mad, and has.
  17. Yes I have read that humour will diffuse a situation to stop ppl from bullying you.
  18. Yes. While Robin Williams humor was often irreverent, I never took it as sadistic. It was my brother's sadistic nature that I conformed my humor to. Richard Pryor was once asked what got him into comedy and he stated that he noticed that if he was the funniest one in the room, it kept him safe.
    I first used comedy to appease a bully in the 7th grade. I just kept trying to find something "funny" that would protect me at home. Unfortunately, I had to resort to very sadistic "humor" to keep my brother at bay.
  19. I prayed for you brother.
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