Prayers For My Future Husband?

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Do/Did you pray for you future spouse?

  1. Yes

  2. No

  1. Hello,​
    I am new to this site and I've never talked about this subject to anyone in my life, but God. So I would really appreciate any advice or insight on this, preferably with scriptural reference because I don't really know where to look on this. Thanks in advance! :)
    Here's a little bit of background on myself just relating to the area this thread is dealing with. It's quite common for today's society (sadly), and I do not feel sorry for the way my life is and I don't expect anyone else to either. These are just the experiences that God allowed me to go through to bring me closer to Him, mold my thinking, and for reasons I don't even know yet. I come from a (twice) broken home. My real father is a good guy, but He is not a believer and my mother is. Obviously if he refuses Christ..the whole unequally yoked thing..yea it just didn't work out. My (ex) step father was a literal psychopathic con artist (really, really long story) who left us homeless just crazy. When I was very young, maybe four or five, a family member did things to me he should not have, to say the least. I would like to say that, that hasn't had an impact on me, but I can't help but think it did even if were just in a small way. I do not hold bitter feelings against this person, I forgave him a long time ago, and I am thankful that God helped to keep from a bitter heart. So now that all of that is out of the way!​
    Until this past year, I never, ever wanted to get married. I didn't want to be in a relationship because I felt I would be better off on my own. But it was more like, I was fighting to have this feeling, like I was saying, "No God, I'm telling you right now, I am staying single, forever!" Funny right? Me telling God my plans. Well, a missionary came to speak at my church and I just had to give it all up. Me, my life, everything, I had to give it up to God. So I did. I started Bible college and feel that my "work" is to be for Him. And along with surrendering I stopped fighting the urge to reject the idea of marriage. And just as soon as I did that it was like, random people in church and school would say, "You're are going to get married one day." "God has a help-meet for you." My pastor, Sunday School teacher, and even the dean of my school has had long talks with me about how they know I am going to be married one day. Just weird stuff like that! Without me even saying a word about the matter! So, I know God has made it clear that I will be married in such a way that I don't even start the conversation, because I suppose He knows I'll never mutter a word about it! :p
    But here is where I have some questions, but I just can't bring myself to ask anyone of the people I know. I don't know..I just can't talk to people about this stuff. From what I've studied, I don't think their is such a things as a "soul mate" in the sense that their are two people destined to be together. So the way I see it is God can bring someone into your life, and they make a choice to be together, free will right? The only requirement is that they both be believers in Christ. But, an elderly lady in my church told me to make a list and pray for my "future husband", as if I already know him and he is out there walking around? I'm kind of torn on this. I didn't ask specifics of what she meant by "list", because I usually just smile and nod awkwardly. I guess the only things that should be on my list would be character traits, right? Like when Abraham sent his servant out with, I guess you could say it was a list, to find a wife for Isaac. Is it wrong to ask that you be attracted to the guy though? This is going to sound horrible :/... There were two guys seriously interested in me, we're talking courtship here. But I wasn't attracted to them, at all. Neither did I feel comfortable or safe with, they honestly scared me. So I kindly denied. I know that I'm "only" 20, but I don't want to pass up on a guy that God sends my way and be alone and unhappy because I missed out on God's will for my life. Am I looking for someone that doesn't exist? Is it wrong to ask God for a guy that I find attractive, am not afraid of and is Godly? (Ehh, I feel like this makes me sound really vain and conceited, but I'm not. :() Is it wrong to pray for a man you haven't met yet? At the moment there are no men my age in my church, and I attend a very, very small Bible college. It's seriously small, I am the only girl and it is in a church. All the men are older and married. I'm trying not to get impatient. My flesh is afraid because I am shy, and there seems to be no way (and no one) that God could bring someone who would be a "match" (for lack of a better word) for me. But I know, I know, He is God, He can do anything. So pretty much this entire book of a post what to ask those two bold print and underlined questions. lol Sorry, but I just felt the need to get all of this out my head for once.​
    One more thing, if I may ask. If you are married, how did God show you that he/she was the person He would be happy for you to be with?​
    Thank you for reading this, ​
    God Bless.​
  2. I didn't mean to post this in the welcome thread! Sorry! :/
  3. No I didn't pray for my future wife and now I am a divorcee. Which has to do a lot with not growing up in a Christian oriented home.

    Now that I am an unwed father, My 5 year old daughter and I pray together for God to give her Godly husband if that be His will for her life.

    Does she completely understand what we are doing? NO. But she is learning to pray, and to pray proper for what is important. All relationships take work and your #1 priority relationship is Christ. Learning this as a middle aged adult has been difficult. So I am training my daughter to walk in His-God's ways-not mine-mine are terrible...

    Is wrong to tell the Lord your heart's desire NOPE. God despises hypocrisy. Be honest with the Lord and He may just surprise you if you let Him. All relationships take work-including the one you need to have with Christ BEFORE you even think of finding a husband.

    BTW: Christ is your 'soul mate'-ever heard of that person the Holy Spirit residing in your body-HIS temple?

    Hello and welcome to the forum...
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  4. Dear LovelyLittleKJVBible,
    my daddy told me that his teacher long ago always urged his students to pray for their future wives.
    I followed this advice and prayed for my husband before I even met him.
    I prayed that God would protect him, and that he would find his way to me when it was the Father's will.
    And I can tell you that I found the most caring, loving and God fearing husband I could ever have dreamed of.
    So I would answer that it is a great idea to pray for your future husband.
    And when the time comes when you will finally be married, how about telling him that you cared for him even before you met. I am sure that he will love you even a little bit more for that!
    Love, little flower
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  5. I am not married yet, but I pray for my future husband.

    I pray that he be:

    I pray that I:
    Honor my husband always
    Treat him with love and respect
    Fulfill his desires
    Am patient with him and don't nit pick
    Am able to cook amazing meals for him ;)

    I pray that we:
    Last a lifetime
    Have kids
    Pray everyday together
    Never use the "D" word
    Never lose our faith in Christ
    Remain faithful to each other, physically and emotionally
    Have a great intimate life (sorry)
    Compromise with each other
    and more.
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  6. Thank you all so very much! I feel so much better about this now. :) You all answered my questions so kindly and I really appreciate it!
    And thank you @Lifeasweknowit for sharing how you pray! That's a big,big help! There are so many great things you mentioned that I never even thought of.

    God bless you all :)
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  7. Keep praying, and be patient. There is a temptation at some point to 'settle'. DON'T. If it is God's will for you to marry, he will send the right person your way. You never know what the future will hold. I prayed for my wife 18 years before I found her. When I did, it wasn't what I expected to happen. But it was exactly what God had in store for me. Wait and pray for God's best for your life. You will know when the time comes.
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