Prayers between the living and the dead.

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  1. Whether you think of the dead as those in Heaven, and those on earth as living, or the other way round, there is still the question of prayer.
    My wife and I knew each other for 69 years, and she is now rewarded with Heavenly rest.
    Should we both continue to pray for each other ?
    Like 16: 19-31 suggests we might.
  2. Greetings Sir,
    My heart understands the sorrow with in this but also rejoices for to be absent from the body is to be in the presence of the Lord.

    The Rich Man and Lazarus

    I am not sure how this would apply but from my past my dad shot him self when I was young and when I got saved it tore me up not knowing if he was saved or not. Spent a lot of time crying out and pleading on my dad's behalf.

    Then one day I heard it. Not saying an audible voice but louder and clear in side of me. He asked me if I trusted Him ?
    If I believed He was good judge?
    Of course I said Yes to both.....a peace came over me big time and the fear and worry left.

    I know that's not what your asking but wanted to share it. I think praying for and about a loved one that has gone on to be with the Lord is part of grieving.

    Now I don't believe we can do much for them once they leave here but your wife may be a part of that cloud of witnesses that scripture speaks of and certainly would be praying and standing in your (our) behalf while we are still here.

    Well Sir I pray you receive some better replies then mine but I wanted to share where I am in this.
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  3. I have to agree with Jim. She (or our loved ones that have gone on before us) is alive in heaven and in the most perfect place there could ever be. So I can guarantee she (they) don't need our prayers. However if they were very strong in faith...they will be praying and interceding for us as in Hebrews 12:1.

    God gave me a dream a couple years ago shortly after my dad had transitioned to heaven, of he and my brother playing with our dogs and swimming. Enjoying themselves completely. So now if a thought of concern tries to arise in my mind, I just thank God for taking such good care of them. For they are in a much better place than we are.

    Blessings of peace and comfort unto you my friend
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  4. Thank you, Jim, for your response and encouragement in sharing. Having slept on the problem, I'm not so sure now, that The Rich Man and Lazarus is the situation I'm envisaging, and I wouldn't quote it again.
    Yes, Cturtle, I do believe that some of our dreams are definite messages and are so significant. Thank you, too, for sharing your situation.
    When I posed the question, I was assuming that there might be no direct communication between the earthly and Heavenly souls, and only each a reaching to God through the Holy Spirit and Jesus. The other super-natural effects, like telepathy and the basics of table-tapping, etc., I have been brought up to avoid. Even the thoughts of ministering angels haven't been involved in connection with my prayers, but I'm not happy to feel that I have abandoned my soul-mate, who after a final three years of dementia could still pray for us both.
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  5. Iro communication with heavenly souls...

    The bible is filled with examples of where our requests have been honored by God. Consider Moses asking God not to destroy those worshipping the golden calf. Even Jesus asking with expectation that the cup be removed from Him. But then stating that God's will be done.

    I would say that we can ask anything we desire with confidence. God can do miracles just for us, even those that seem impossible. But ultimately if it does not happen... no matter how small, large or odd the request was, we must accept it as God's will.
  6. Thank you, KingJ for your reminders with which I quite agree. Some other time, I would like to discuss the matter of timing in what you say.
    But I was thinking of focussed prayer from one of us, concerning someone who is now in some part of Heaven. Do they need our prayers ? That's rather different from prayerfully asking that conditions on earth be changed.
    Bless you for your thoughts.
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    I know that it makes non of us happy to think that we have abandoned our loved ones. Which you have not.....for i believe you carry her in your memories. And your wife certainly sounds like she was a very strong woman of faith.

    Unfortunately I believe that communication between those of us on earth and those of us in heaven is very rare. And I believe that if one goes to someone who claims to communicate with spirits, they will not be communicating with our true loved ones.

    Although I have heard one story of a pastor who was a to communicate with his dad, but it was only about ministry things. Which I thought was good, but would not want to pray for it due to the devil can pose himself as an angel of light and I would not want to open the door to give him opportunity to impersonate my loved ones.

    Holding onto your wonderful memories of her is the best way to keep her alive in your heart. The thoughts that come of your abandoning her should be cast down and taken captive, for it is just the spirit of grief trying to bring you down. Making you think that. You did the best things for her while she was with you here on earth and now as you complete your time here on earth, you can look forward to seeing her again when you shed your earth suit and are in heaven.

    Trusting that God is taking great care of her, and thinking that she is still praying (or talking to God on your behalf) for you. Because heaven is perfect. Peaceful, no crime and no sickness, disease or poverty. We here in earth need prayer due to all the evil that is still in this world.

    Blessings of peace and comfort to you
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  8. You are truly inspirational, Cturtle. Yes, I have some wonderful memories, and I thank God for His guidance through our time together. Thank you for your Spirit led words. All praise to our Father.
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  9. My sincerest sympathies Smiler. Now, since your wife is in heaven, I don't reckon she's in need of anything that requires prayer.

    But for you, remember that according to Paul, we're already seated in the heavenlies. When we get saved, we're born again and that new life is eternal. Our spirit has the ability to like Christ. We can go to heaven, see visions, have dreams all in the spirit. I've seen my son (a lost twin during pregnancy), my boss and my mother in heaven. They were simply visions and I didn't talk to any of them. However, my boss after he died, I had an open vision of him while I was telling my family that he had died. I was in Belgium and he died in the States. When I talked to him before he got sick about the Lord and he said jokingly that he'd come back and tap me on the shoulder if I was wrong and smile if he was wrong. That's what I saw when I was telling my family about his passing. Never before had we all had such a burden for someone. That morning we woke up and it was gone. I checked my emails and he had just passed. While I was telling my family, he appeared and gave me his big cheesey grin and noded. He had to touch the flames to believe. I still only talk to Jesus, the Holy Spirit and the Father, but we are surrounded by a cloud of witnesses.
  10. I respect Catholics who would pray for the dead / their loved ones in Purgatory. It shows they have a good heart. So its not a big issue if you feel the need to. But ultimately I don't believe your wife needs any prayers whatsoever. The truth is that God has been eagerly awaiting her from her first day on earth. She could not be in better hands. Her Creator who gave His life for her. He loves her more then you. Earth is done. She is now in eternal bliss. Looking down and watching you do God's will and like God, eagerly awaiting your arrival.
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  11. Thank you all for the helpful comments and advice you have offered.
    In my Bible reading today I have been struck by verses in Paul's wonderful letter to the Romans, chapter 8. He says :
    "We do not know what (who) we aught to pray for, but The Spirit Himself intercedes for us through wordless groans. . . . The spirit intercedes for God's people in accordance with the will of God". (Rom. 8: 26-27)
    The Holy Spirit and Jesus Himself are interceding for each of us today.
    In faith we can leave it all to them and be at peace, with thanksgiving.
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