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  1. In Contemporary Christian Music, John Fischer writes:

    I have a bad habit. When my children tell me about something they've learned for the first time, I often act as if I knew that. Even worse, sometimes I tell them how the same thing happened to me years ago.

    When my wife hears something "new" from the kids, her mouth drops open and her eyes widen. It's as if she has never heard this kind of thing before. The kids' faces brighten, and they feel as if they have actually enlightened their mother.

    I used to think my wife was just acting and sooner or later the kids would find out and feel lied to. Then I realized it isn't an act at all. Though she may already have experience what they are trying to tell her, she's never experienced it through them. Their personal "revelations" are entirely new.

    It's the same with God. As all-knowing and sovereign as he is, I'm sure he's still eager to hear our prayers because he has never heard it quite the way we say it. We are all unique. We have our own signature attached to all we do and say. Our lives, our experiences, and our faith expressed to him are never old.

    God the Father, Mothers, Uniqueness
    Matt. 6:8; 1 Peter 3:12
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  2. Thanks for sharing this. I know the feeling and can relate. It really is a bad habit which can become counter productive to what you really intend which is their well being, happiness, and welfare. So good you saw this and good for your wife in her perseverance. I like the analogy to how God listens too! Perfectly true! :)
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    Thank you. And, I agree that it is a very bad habit. We should be surprised and encouraging to our children when they discover and learn.

    Just a note: You stated that it is good that I saw this and good for my wife. I am "Female".....LOL....I use to look at the username and assume like that too. But you can click on the person picture and a small profile page will pop up and under their name on that profile page will let you know whether they are male or female. And, also this is a devotional just to let us know that even though God knows what we are going to ask or praise him for before we do it, He still loves to hear from us. No worries sister!!! God bless and thank you for your wonderful responding. It is sooo true!!!

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