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  1. Dear Sweet Wonderful Lord

    All I want to do is give my life to You.
    In the name of Christ Jesus I pray that
    You will bring me to the place You have prepared for me.

    This world has nothing to offer me;
    I know that You have something for me to do.

    I feel weary as if I cannot go on. Please give me strength.
    I know that the war is already won but the battles seem endless.

    I endure the ugliness of my nature,
    I pray for today that I can get out of self and focus on You.

    I pray through me people will see
    the example of You who dwells with in me.

    I pray that Your spirit will speak loudly and teach me Your paths.
    Apart from You I can do nothing.

    Let me possess the gifts given from You
    and the faith to execute them.

    Purge my heart and mind of the wickedness of my flesh;
    use me, as You will.

    Thy will be done
  2. truly brings forth what we must thank God for. We are blessed with earthly pleasures before our haven in heaven.

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