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    I THES 5:17 "Pray without ceasing" We should pray to God continually. Our failures are because of the lack of prayer. Our responds to our prayers. He had responded to the prayers of .......


    1. PRAYER OF HAGAR: (GEN 21:16)
    Hagar did not pray to God but she cried aloud. Sometimes when we are filled with worries, we cannot pray to God but instead we will weep. Similarly, Hagar was caught up in a situation in which she could not even pray. When we weep in God's Presence, He wiil answer us immediatly. This is the prayer of tears. Our tears will bring the answer from the heaven.

    2. PRAYER OF JACOB: (GEN 32:26, 28)
    Jacob did not receive his blessings just like that but he struggled hard. The result for his struggle was victory. Similarly, when we pray in the same manner, He will bless us abundantly. We should struggle hard in prayer to receive His blesssings.

    3. PRAYER OF JABEZ: ( I CHR 4:10)
    Jabez did not weep like Hagar or struggle like Jacob. He just made a casual prayer. It was like a casual talk to his friend. God immediatly responded to his prayer. Our prayer should be Jabez's.

    4. PRAYER OF ESTER: (EST 4:16)
    Esther made a tough prayer.She fasted day and night and prayed. Sometimes God expects a prayer like this. We should pray with fasting. Because of Esther's prayer the whole nation was saved.

    5. PRAYER OF DANIEL: (DAN 6:10, 23)
    Daniel kneeled and prayed even after knowing that the writing was signed by the king. The document was signed and everything was over but still he prayed. Wa should have this spirit even in the hopeless situation. We should keep on praying, God will respond our prayers by changing everything.

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