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  1. prayer

    be careful what you pray for.
  2. do you not trust God with your own prayer,i do.i pray for things which i feel is correct.i hope all get better,but people use christians and there prayers.we need to get wise.
  3. Pray for people who request prayer-God knows their heart!!~~!:D
  4. but the power of prayer can raise the dead.:eek:
  5. Nope-evil demons walk -not dead people !!!-!We have been experiencing that!!~!
  6. I don't know why-maybe Satan wants to destroy us!!~
  7. Satan hates us-who stand for GOD-and He wants to shut us up!!~!
  8. the dead in spirit.i just don,t listen to human words.i listen to Jesus.people get used in this place.humans are good but get used through the spirit to trick,s like you all want to catch the 310 bus but by the end you catch the 320 by mistake.:eek:
  9. I was Just reading -that Ephesians-6:12-Today's thought-so true-but my armour is in place!!~!-ALSO-He who is in us-is greater than he who is in thw world!!~!:israel:
  10. I'm not speaking of people-I am talking about demons!!~!
  11. Suddenly-they are coming out of the woodwork beseiging our family and friends!!~!
  12. There have been several incidents -of late!!~!
  13. people get used by spiritual war.if satan throws his $$$$$ about they are
  14. Well-I have seen them-nasty littrle creatures-I pray you never see one!!~!
  15. this is why it,s good to be poor.:)
  16. I'm poor-well-we have a little money-but today's economy -won't last too long!~!~~!
  17. Prayer = :)
  18. the power of prayer is glorious.but know whom you pray for.and what you pray for,better to pray for people to be saved than for a cancer to be cured.:)
  19. He who is in us is stronger in us when we take advantage of our intelligence and faith. Intelligence can lead to faith. Faith can lead to intelligence (Knowledge, wisdom, and understanding). Use whichever you got to its full potential. Just because He who is in us is greater than he who is in the world doesn't mean we can be lazy. Or soon more of he who is in the world will be in us.
  20. i liked that,then it,s no tv,radio for you then,,s a difficult world,we need to get light relief from our burdens.we need to be clever.:)

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