Prayer to Overcome My Physical Gluttony/Emotional Obession with food

Discussion in 'College and Youth' started by Littleone, Dec 1, 2009.

  1. Prayer to Overcome My Physical Gluttony/Emotional Obession with food

    I would just like to confess that I do have an eating problem and I am praying for God to forgive me for my physical gluttony, I ask God to forgive me for using food for comfort, when I have the ultimate comfort already. I have struggled with weight issues all my life, yo-yoing back and forth and it has been such a huge part of my life that it is a difficult habit to break. I do not want to be in bondage to my physical needs though. I do not want to have to think about food 24/7 what I'm eating, what I'm not going to eat, what diet I'm on at the moment. I want to be able to be able to live normally and have a healthy body that honors God. This past year or so, I have gained 20 lbs. due to emotional stress and I know that the problem is not so much that I was stressed and its not what my body looks like physically, its that I should have turned to God, instead of binging on food. I also know that what is important is to honor God by caring for my temple that he gave me and I should not lose weight 4 superficial reason, such as attracting male attention or so I can fit into new clothes. Part of my depression, ironically also stemmed from gaining the weight, which I only put on because I was trying to alleviate the stress I already felt anyway. When its all said and done, I enjoy food and its necessary for our health, but I don't want to have to live my life centered around food. I pray this will be a turning point.
  2. Even though you are struggling with this sin, GOd still loves you. Just keep that in mind. That even though we struggles, God's love never wavers.

    It's great that you admit that you have a problem. Usually a lot of people are like, "I don't have a problem with it. I just do it." Look, GOd doesn't want you to worry.

    My first suggestion is this: Don't diet. Diets ALWAYS fail. ALways. They'll last for maybe a couple of months, maybe a year or two, but at the end. You just snap and eat and eat and eat. And you gain all the weight back. I know this from experience!

    The thing about eating is you CAN eat, but do it in smaller portions. So smaller portions are smaller calories. ANd the smaller the calories, the more you can eat. Do you understand? Let's say, you eat 2 eggs and 2 pieces of toast. How about try, 1 egg and 1 piece of toast. For breakfast, I eat one egg and a kind of bread that's low in calories. SO it's 45 calories per slice. So then when I get hungry again, I can eat...and i don't need to STARVE myself. I can eat a pickle (0 calories!). Or let's say I want some saltine crackers. 5 crackers are usually the serving size.

    Don't worry about it. That will keep you back. Look, I will send you an email on here. I hope it helps :)

  3. There are many many many ways to diet and change your eating styles to become healthier. You just need to make a commitment to yourself and to God that you will actually provide a full attempt at doing so. Talk to God and ask Him to show you the way that will help you the best. Do a lot of research online and see what best suits you.
  4. thanks so much 4 the support, i'll check my messages, thanks all 4 the support. God bless
  5. I will pray that God will strengthen you and lead You in all areas of your life. Depression is not of God and that is the devil attacking you. Get in the word and look up scriptures for depression and start meditating on them to memory. Everytime you start to feel depressed, say that scripture aloud. If you don't stay in the word, you are rendered weak and are unable to fight and that is when the devil has a field day with us. Use your Armor sis.

    I will keep you in prayer.

  6. Oh, and I suggest praying to God that he'll take the urges to eat away. He is God, and He can do that :) :) He knows how tough it can be!
  7. Littleone .... Just Hand this over to God and stop struggling with it yourself. For when we stop struggling, and trying to do things our way that is when God can do marvelous things in our life. For there is nothing to big or to small that our Father cannot do. We just have to leave it in his hands and not take it back. God has show me this truth and I know that it is true.

    Heavenly Father
    I just lift up Littleone, and thank you Father for her faith, she has in you come here for prayer and supplication. Father as I lift up Littleone to the God of the Must High. I pray with all my heart and soul that you will help Littleone to place this in your hands and to wait and believe that you will answer her call for help.
    Father guide her steps to a much healthier and fitter body and place your loving arms around her that she may feel the power of wonderful love. I thank you Father for all you are about to do in Jesus name amen.

    Mt 6:8 ...your Father knows the things you have need of before you ask Him.

    Gen 18:14 Is anything to hard for the Lord ?

    Ps 37:5 Commit your ways to the Lord, trust also in Him, and He shall bring it to pass.
  8. Can't say that any better! :) :)

    ANd i hope you read the email i sent ya, littleone! Just keep remembering, God doesn't care what size you are. He'll love you no matter what. But like I told you, he's out father. Having an unhealthy lifestyle can cause a lot of sicknesses and God's morel ike, "But i want you to have a long and fulfilled life." So when he wants us to get in better shape, it's not that we'll be skinny, it's because he knows that gluttony can lead to dangerous life sicknesses. ANd he doesn't want for his children! You are loved! You are his princess or prince....But I'm pretty sure you're a girl :) haha.
  9. you will be in my prayers...
    im a nutritionist and an athlete and i love to eat.
    i never have had a weight problem, but i have helped many of my friends who have and they have all seen progress.
    on the same token of me liking to eat, i still eat, all the time. I don't count my calories I just eat sensible, because you will be miserable with a strict diet lifestyle.
    I try to eat 6-8 meals a day, but small portions, the size of a fist or so. Drink lots of water and eat clean. Switch out all your bread and starches too whole wheat and whole grains and stay away from eating alot late at night. those rules of thumb are just the fundementals, but is a great start to shedding some pounds and keeping your craving in control with frequent meals. The science behind the 6-8 meals a day is that it keeps your metabolism going and I personally find I have alot more energy throughout the day this way.
    good luck and god bless
  10. you are just like my brother hahaha.
    he's in college now and he's been skinny his whole life.
    but he freaks out every time he gains weight.
    okay, not really.
    but he'll tell me, "KATIE, i gained 20 pounds in college."
    SO WHAT?! LOL.
    you're skinny and you don't even look like you gained 20 pounds!
    he's such a goofball :)

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