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  1. After a long break, the Prayer Team is coming back.

    The team will have a badge under their username of 'Prayer Team'.
    Prayer Team members will be willing to pray for every member here at CFS and spread good news and praise.
    The Prayer Team will provide Biblical support but not medical support unless qualified (this MUST be approved by the senior staff before any advice is given).

    The Prayer Team requires no extra time to be spent here, however you are expected to pray for all requests in the Prayer Area.

    The Prayer Team will have a Team Leader - as this is a new venture I, Deep Soul will lead the Prayer Team for the initial stages then open the position to every Prayer Team member.

    Although the Prayer Team Leader will be higher than the other Prayer Team member's the staff can remove this promotion where required.

    If a Prayer Team member is disrespectful or incurs in excess of 3 warning points, you shall be stripped of your Prayer Team status and will not be apply to reapply for one month.

    At anytime, the Administrators, Technical Support Manager & Staff Trainer can assume this role if the current leader is not behaving within the forum rule boundaries.

    The member's of the Prayer Team will be listed below.

    If you wish to register your interest, please do so here.
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    Appointed Prayer Team Leader

    Cturtle - Current
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