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    If anyone is interested in becoming a member of the Prayer Team, please send a pm to Fish Catcher Jim or Cturtle. We would like for you to include in the pm why you desire to join the Prayer Team.
    We will prayerfully consider each application.

    The registration requirements are:

    You must have a minimum of 15 posts written

    Be active in this forum

    Agree and adhere to all forum rules.

    Blessings to you all
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  2. Sign me up :)
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  3. PM received and will be getting in touch.
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  4. It is way too soon for me to sign up for this; but I surely will be considering it in the future. I need to continue finding my way around and getting the rules, etc. downpat first. In His timing..if to be will be. However, I was wondering what all it involves on this forum..and how it works for the prayer team itself. Not to rush but info appreciated sometime. Thanks much. Blessings,

  5. Being in the prayer team is being committed to pray anytime there is a new prayer request in the prayer request subforum. There is also a section specifically for prayer team members, so there will be fellowship and other prayer requests, and bible study on prayer topics.

    The team is in its growing stage. But it's off to a good start :) and we look forward to your contacting us when your ready.

    God bless you abundantly!
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  6. Thanks, Cturtle, that does answer my question. And I will surely do that! I am guessing likely before I reach 100 or so posts. (y)
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