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  1. Just wondering how many of you keep a prayer journal or diary...?

    Are there any diaries by christians that have been published? I think everyone knows the famous diary of Anne Frank...
  2. I used to own a journal where I wrote my theology, but it sucked and I remember the Bible better by just reading it so I quit it.
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  3. I have wanted to journal the Bible, and I did try a few times, but I was never really good at note taking and I end up making a mess of the notes that I was taking. So I don't journal the Bible.
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  4. I keep a journal recording the revelations the Lord gives me from time to time.
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  5. Good idea.
  6. Yah, I think so too, as I find that I tend to forget them if I don't write them down. I only write down the ones I am confident are from the Lord though.
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  7. I used to journal on my thoughts and feelings....many years ago, and so did my grandma. But now i just take notes on the Bible and either in my Bibles, on my Bible app or a notebook.

    Finding ones besides the one from anne frank is a good idea
  8. I cant find any christian diaries. I dont know of any.

    I dont write on my bibles. Someone else may want to read it, it would be no good if I wrote commentary all over it. Also theres no room. I do have a notebook for church, if theres verses that I want to recall from sermons.

    I do keep a journal of thoughts and feelings.
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  9. I at one time kept a running journal of what the Lord would speak to my heart through the reading of His word, and how I would pray, daily---including recording of any answers He sent. I stopped it when I got sick, and never took it up again, but I am ready to begin again! It is a GREAT way to discipline oneself, and to lay hold of what the Lord is really speaking to us, personally...and is an excellent tool to help us maintain intimacy with the Father.
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  10. Actually I think I do recall seeing a christian diary in the library called Rachel's Tears. I think she was one of the girls shot in the columbine shootings. The book wasnt her whole diary, just excerpts.
  11. Was reading the church magazine today and they have one under the book reviews called 'the freedom diaries' by Mark Holloway.

    I think I may check it out, actually someone in the christian bookstore said it was a current bestseller. But that was months and months ago...maybe God wants me to read it? Ive been reading lots of christian books lately.
  12. I do keep one over on the internet!
  13. Oh do you? Is it ok for me to peek?
    I do have my own rambling garden diary...but thats a blog, not a prayer journal.
  14. Just found someone posted under what they'd been reading a diary by the missionary David Brainerd.

    If there's any others can you post here so I can request them at the library...

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