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  1. look up the biblical explanations for why hell is not a place of eternal suffering and that the souls of sinners will be destroyed rather than with the eternally in agony. then I read the explanation of those who think differently and they have scripture verses to back them up as well. I do not know which one is right.

    A Catholic will say that at the Last Supper the bread and the wine was the body and the blood of Christ and John 3:16 says unless you eat the flesh and drink the bloodio Son of man you have no life within you. other Christians argue that is not true.

    I have an opinion about who is right but I dont knosw that opinion to be truth.
  2. True humility that God desires for us is that in which we recognize that we are nothing without Him. Gandhi knew nothing about that, and he falls into line with millions of others with their own ideas of what constitutes humility, which is mere self-abasing, and much of that is a form of pride.
  3. Give us the scripture that says that the spirits of the wicked will not suffer the pain of punishment, which is the utter separation away from God forever.
  4. nothing would say they're not going to be punished, but there is a scripture verse that says all will be saved. there is also a scripture that says the fire will burn forever but the souls will be destroyed.

    There is also a verse in Revelation where the fires of Hades release also speaks of Christ descending to the underworld to the place of the dead to preach to the souls in prison even those who died in the flood of Noah.
  5. There is NO scripture that says all will be saved. There is a passage that talks about Israel finally accepting their Messiah...that "all Israel will be saved".

    Yes, the lake of fire will never be quenched, and all the spirits cast within it will never be consumed. That doesn't mean that destruction of the souls of men will not occur. Being separated from God for all eternity will render one insane, for sure.

    Please show me the verse you think says that anyone will be released from final judgment! You will look forever and never find it.

    When Jesus entered Hades, the grave, where the unrighteous and Gentiles waited---and also Paradise, where the righteous waited for their Messiah, He preached of His salvation to them. He then opened up the way for them to go to heaven, so that now when a believer dies, he goes directly to the Lord. The ungodly continue to be confined in Hades, awaiting final judgment.
  6. Don't take this thread there!!!
  7. Christians are not the only ones capable of being humble.
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    Of course, but those who know the Saviour know what true humility really is, as Jesus exemplifies it for us, and we need to exercise humility to recognize openly that we are sinners in need of a Saviour, and are nothing without Jesus. A sinner, even a good person who acts humble has not gone that far, yet.

    The world has it's own brand of humility, while the Kingdom of God has another.

    Galatians 2:20 (NLT)
    My old self has been crucified with Christ. It is no longer I who live, but Christ lives in me. So I live in this earthly body by trusting in the Son of God, who loved me and gave himself for me.
  9. So, a non-Christian can't truly be humble? There will always be at least a trace of 'the world.'
  10. While an unbeliever certainly does have humility of varying degrees in life, which is a modest or lowly view of oneself, in the eyes of God, he has yet to be humbled.
  11. According to Webster humility is 'the quality or state of not thinking you are better than other people.'

    What does it mean to 'humble yourself in the sight of the Lord'?
  12. I should think you would know that. Someone who has been convicted by Holy Spirit will humble oneself before the Lord, as I said, confessing to Him that he is a sinner and is absolutely powerless and nothing without Jesus Christ in his life. An unrepentant sinner has yet to experience that kind of humbling---the kind that frees us and saves us, and changes how we understand ourselves to be, and changes the direction of our lives.
  13. If more people exhibited a state of not thinking they are better than other people, wouldn't this be a better world?

    Who's to say the Spirit isn't working on/in them?
  14. I think it would be.

    If they haven't received salvation (or they aren't reprobates) then I believe Holy Spirit is most likely still working on humbling them to the point of repentance.
  15. I think King David is a good example that somebody full of the Holy Spirit and has the greater gifts of the Holy Spirit anointed and chosen and King can not only Lack humility but lack purity, meekness, obedience, and almost any other virtue.

    the tax collector who was a greater sinner was praying next to the Pharisees and he was more justified.

    prostitutes and tax collectors were getting to heaven ahead of the proud religious people according to Christ.

    back when I tried to pray incessantly and study God's Word and committ ig to memory, I can assure you I was more proud than I am now.
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    Indeed in your situation there must be not only some form of humility, but also some humiliation. That is not of God. He wants to give us all we have need of and more. His provision is abundant.

    Indeed, those who have been given much can lose it through negligence, sin or mere circumstances, but God loves us and desires to forgive us and to restore us and to bless us abundantly!
  17. yes I understand that preferably I could be extremely holy and humble. yes it would be ideal to be a prophet and be able to rebukesinners and lay hands on people and heal them and give speeches to crowds of thousands.

    However it would be extremely difficult for a person to not get a very big head and feel above others if they were doing this which is probably why we rarely see these gifts anymore' and when we do it is often that the person falls.

    according to what I get from Scripture, Christ indicates hed rather a person were a humble w**** than somebody knows a Bible in side out and is full of good works and abstains from immorality but is proud of their "holiness."
  18. I happen to see the gifts of the Spirit a lot in action in the people of God.

    One doesn't have to be a prophet to rebuke sinners, or lay hands on the sick or speak the word. We merely need to be walking with Jesus. These are things that all believers need to be doing.

    I don't know what scripture you are reading, but I think you need to actually quote the passages you think support you, or stop mangling the truth out of ignorance of it.
  19. I don't need to mention the scripture verse we all know that Christ said prostitutes and tax collectors make it to heaven ahead of the Pharisees and Sadducees. Those were the people of the time who were the most religious, prayerful, and had the greatest knowledge of Scripture.
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    No one makes it to heaven ahead of anyone if they do not receive salvation.

    However, it would be good of you to actually bother to post the scriptures you want to use to make your points.

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