Prayer For Humility

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  1. I hope that God will give me a genuine humility.

    In Jesus name! Amen!
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  2. It's all about understanding. We all need to be put in our place of surrender. That's why I chose my icon name Abdicate. As the "ruler" of my life, I have to surrender to God the throne of my life to He may rule and use me for His glory to help others. Understand God never wanted Israel to accept the Law, but in their arrogance they were stuck with it. David the king killed a faithful servant so he could have his wife as his own. By the Law David should have been put to death, but he called out to God and repented. He found the grace of God. That's all God wants is for people to acknowledge His rightful position and surrender to His authority. God loves you VERY much. So much that if you had been the ONLY one on the planet He still would have come and died for YOU!
  3. I just admire humility. It can be a very difficult virtue to acquire. Because even when somebody becomes Humble, that can also be come a source of pride.

    there is a false humility that I may have, but the genuine ability to no longer focus on oneself and be truly altruistic and concerned for others without a thought of self gain or rep boost from it, is a rare gem.
  4. You cannot be humble apart from the death of the "flesh"...this is a work of Gods Spirit and a understanding of the truth as is laid out in the scriptures...for someone to claim they want humility and yet reject the truth of the scriptures is about as vain as it gets.
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    its not that I reject the truth of the Scriptures. If by rejecting you mean I declare them false. No I don't.

    I'm not claiming myself to be humble, but I would consider it more humble for somebody to say I do not know, then for somebody to act like they know for certain they have the correct interpretation of scripture.

    And there certainly seems to be a lack of humility in those who insist that they have the fullness of truth and those who believe differently are heretics are infidels are not saved.
  6. What kind of double talk is that? Do you accept them as Gods Word or not?
  7. I have no certainty one way or the other.
  8. Well then I doubt anyone can help you and you will never be delivered from your pride.
  9. is being uncertain proud?
  10. Well you seem very certain that your uncertainty is correct? And of course if a person rejects the truth because of pride ...that's pride!
  11. I don't reject the truth. Its just I don't know the truth. And just because a book says this is the truth, or somebody says I have the correct interpretation of this book, that does not make it true.

    God never told me the Bible was his word.even if I knew it was his word, I don't know Greek or Aramaic or Hebrew, and even if I did, I don't know that I am equipped to properly interpret the Word of God.
  12. A humble person is someone who has cast all of their cares upon God. You can not be humble and continually worry about things. You can not be humble unless you trust God.

    1Pe 5:6 Humble yourselves therefore under the mighty hand of God, that he may exalt you in due time:
    1Pe 5:7 Casting all your care upon him; for he careth for you.
  13. Well are you willing to learn, and press past your pride and doubts?
  14. You are really rejecting the truth by refusing to believe it. The word of God is truth. period. Either you accept Him and what He says, or you don't. Truly I think you have accepted what man says and you judge God by man's weaknesses. What a false measure that is!

    In true humility, ask God to reveal Himself to you, that you are wanting Him no matter what, and that you will wait expectantly for Him---He will do it! He may not do it the way you want, but He will show up. Then get yourself to a bible believing, bible teaching and Holy Spirit-led church...(Ask them if that is what they are)...and plant yourself there.
  15. Being uncer
    Being uncertain is because of fear. Fear of not knowing what will happen next. Trusting (faith) in the Lord no matter what you see is the complete opposite of fear.
  16. I pray God would lead you to truth. You said you don't know the the truth. In the other thread, you said "Nobody deserves to be in agony and forever and ever and ever because of what they have done with one second while blind and inclined to do what's wrong". Do you take that statement to be truth?
  17. willing to learn, willing to past pride, willing to get through doubt when I know that's I am embracing the truth by doing so
  18. Yes
  19. I can see why you would feel that it is damaging to your mental health. Well I'm not sure if this will be helpful, and I could be wrong because I do not know you, but from what I've read of what you posted, it looks like you already have beliefs that you take to be truth, even though you also say you don't know the truth. Then when you read something such as the Bible, you see things that conflict with what you already believe to be true, even if you want to believe what the Bible says for example. Obviously they can't both be true. Either what the Bible says on the subject is not true, or what you already believe to be true is not actually true. Maybe that's already obvious to you?
  20. look up the definition of humility in the dictionary. you will find that it will not say it is limited to the one who trusts in christ. I have met non Christians who think quite lowly of them self and do not place themselves above others and are not proud of them self.

    I believe Gandhi was more humble than the average Christian I known in my life.

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