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  1. I am a bit miffed off.

    I keep trying to pray yet, I'm understanding prayer and how to do it but I'm not quite getting it right. You get into the feeling that what you want is already a reality.

    First I know what I am asking in prayer, that's not the issue. it's trying to get into the feeling of receiving it .A lot of negative emotions come up.

    Not sure if I'm supposed to tell you my hearts desires but your having it anyway:X3:

    So anyhow.....I'm sat on a beach with my soul mate, and im trying to get smooched so we can get on down and save the world Yada Yada. and I'm getting all Cooey.....and then I can't imagine what he would look like and then my last crush's face pops up and I start feeling like this praying is going to go nowhere

    So my question is this...
    How can I make a face up I've never even seen? Oh someone please put me on the right path before I end up kissing my crush( I'm so dying to but won't for the sake of my self respect!)

  2. Oh it's alright now I've sorted it x
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  3. If you enter into a relationship, the following passage is great advice.

    Philippians 2:5 - In your relationships with one another, have the same mindset as Christ Jesus:
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  4. Thank you. Frustrations galore!

    How can I be like Jesus Christ if don't know him? The guy was a genius it's like asking me to have einsteins mindset!! I can barely think straight never mind act straight!
    I can be like a tree if I stand there with my arms wiggling in the air:)
    But that won't make me a tree.
    Must I read the bible and go from there?

    Much love an blessings
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  5. Argh,I get it now!!! X
  6. Via dolarossa

    You are right that getting to know Jesus is the most important thing to do first. And getting to know the Word, is also very important. Because when you pray the Word of God..that's where your power is. So may I suggest that you either Google or search for Scriptures in regards to a mate...and then those coupled with the different qualities that you desire in a mate, begin to thank God for bringing you someone who will complete you (other than the Holy Spirit) and whom the two of you together will make a good team for whatever God has in store for your future.

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  7. God has given us the know how on conversing with Him by giving us an earthly family. Think of how you would speak to your dad and do similar in prayer to God, your real Father.
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