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  1. I am newly married (only a year) and am already going through the hardest and most painful time. My husband was a new Christian when we married and was a former atheist. For a while now, our relationship has not been good and God has clearly not been in it. He has been struggling a lot with depression and drinking and has pretty much given up on his relationship with God and is turning back to choosing not to believe. This has caused so much stress on me and I have had a poor relationship with God because I have been trying to deal with all of this and of course I can't do anything to fix it. He has pretty much given up on everything and doesn't even want to be married anymore . I really want to help him and he is slipping away and I really don't know what to do. I am trying to focus on my relationship with God again because I know I need to, but I feel like He won't help me with this and that it is too late. I could really use some extreme prayer and encouragement.
  2. Sorry to hear. I am sure you know what to do. Just hang in there and definitely put / keep God first. It is going to be difficult. There is hope though as His heart was surely touched by Jesus. I know many who have got saved, returned to their old ways and then after 2-3 years, they return and serve God properly. It seems that they are not 'truly' saved at first but only taste of Jesus. The Holy Spirit then works on them and they come around. Praying for you!
  3. If he were the one posting here, what specific things would he say he was struggling with? For instance, is he disappointed that marriage is a heavier responsibility than dating? Is he feeling devalued? Is he struggling with work or finances? I'm looking to get at the roots of his discouragement.

    As for you, the best thing you can do right now is to look after your own spiritual health, because following him down the path of discouragement and unbelief won't help anything. I hope that you are attending a healthy church where you can find spiritual support. Hopefully you can find some mature married women who can lift you up. Avoid any women who are negative and bitter about their marriages and husbands, as that will only drag you down.

    Your marriage matters to God, and He hears every prayer you send His way. But God doesn't work like we often wish He would. He won't attach strings to your husband's limbs and make him be the man you wish he would be. He starts with you - you who have put your trust in Him and will be responsive to His workings. Focus on being tuned in to His Spirit and learning to be submitted to His will and empowered by His Holy Spirit. This will build you up, and is the best thing you can do for your marriage. Maybe your husband will "get with the program" or maybe he will wallow in defeat and rebellion, but in any case, this is your way forward.

    Stay strong and faithful in prayer, because even though God won't pull your husband's strings, He will push his buttons.;)
  4. I feel like God wants you to let go... The burden of the world is too great for you to carry.
    I suggest you pray and ask God to allow you to let the weigh of your life fall off you back... And into his strong hands.

    I pray for your you and your family... I pray the peace of the Lord over you.
  5. Have you had a face to face -sober talk with your husband about your feelings? It sounds like you will have to be the calm one, no yelling. Children involved? Church leadership involved? Are you active members of a good Bible believing fellowship? Don't mean to be nosy; just trying to see where you are going in your relationship.

    Ephesians 5
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  6. Scary.

    Do you love him only because he has faith like you. Or do you love him because who he is and everything that drew you to him is not just based on diffrent beliefs. Theres more to who he is than what you see in yourself.

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