Pray without ceasing

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  1. We all know the verse that says to pray without ceasing.
    1 Thessalonians 5:17

    I looked at the original Greek wording for this verse and the word used for ceasing meant either "omission" or "interruption". So this verse is actually saying that that we should pray without omission or refuse to be interrupted when praying.
  2. I think? when you are totally aligned with God/Jesus/Holy Spirit - walking with Him, you are praying without ceasing. You can still do the dishes/homework/read a book but you are still communing with God. And that is what prayer is, isn't it?
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  3. True, but that is not what the verse is saying.
  4. Shrug....that's how I read it.
  5. Yes, that is what the verse is saying. We are to live our lives in such a way as we are always in constant communication with the Father, always aware of His presence and including Him in all we say and do....without ceasing.
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  7. Both points are valid, When read in full, we see in context, Paul is writing about the continual walk with the lord.

    Verse 16; rejoice always
    17; pray without ceasing,
    18; in everything give thanks'for this is the will of God in Christ for you.

    It is not referring to a momentary time of prayer, but a continual fellowship with the Lord. In real world context, prayer (in the bow your head, eyes closed form) will have to be interrupted at some point in your life. If an emergency happens and all you do is keep your head bowed and eyes closed, you are doing nothing to help. Now, you can still pray and have attention to the task at hand.
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  8. Read it but I don't see your point? Your opening post implies you can't really pray without ceasing. So you feel you have found a way around it? That it actually means that when you pray you should do it without omission AND allow no interruption. And then you can cease praying?

  9. hey there me friendly brother - try this one on for size - to be consistent and constantly praying over everything at all times.
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