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  1. is it okay to be single (and no where near being not) but pray want for a Godly relationship?
  2. Yes, that's absolutely fine! I pray about my future husband all the time. The Bible talks about you do not receive, because you do not ask. So ask. And if its' according to God's will, He will give you a godly relationship =)
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  3. Yes, it is perfectly alright to ask the Lord help finding a mate. Being in a faithful, solid Christ centered marriage is all part of God's plan for us.

    Being single has been discussed a couple of times on the forum recently. If you are really interested in this as a discussion, look around. Things got pretty excited. In a nutshell, there is nothing wrong with being single. If you decide to stay single and devote yourself to God, that is okay. However, if someone comes into your life and meets the "criteria", then God probably put that person in your path. So pay attention.
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  4. I am praying that God will first lead me to fully believe and trust and live in the love of Jesus. Once that has taken place and I am 100% confident I can live in the word and live my life the way I believe a good Christian woman who wants to please God will live, then I know if He says I'm ready, he will put a man in my path who will be in his plan. I really am finding that after about a month and a half of being single again after breaking up with a boyfriend, and before that a 12-year marriage, that I need God's love and healing before I can truly be of any use in a relationship that pleases God. I'm hopeful because I like having a man in my life. I don't want to be single forever. As I sit here alone all afternoon today, I do pray it doesn't take too long, but reality will probably be at least a year if not more after what I've been through and have to learn and incorporate into my life first...
  5. As long as you are praying for God's will and not yours be done.
  6. Yes, it is perfectly fine to ask the Lord for help regarding the love you've been looking for. However, I think that while you are still single, you have the option to devote your self to God in service until the time comes that you found the person you will love and may be you can continue serving the Lord together.
  7. There are so many amazing stories of women and men who prayed for their spouse for years before they even met them. Praying for the person who will someday be your spouse, and praying for God to lead you to that person is perfectly good, but don't forget to devote yourself to his work while you are waiting!
  8. Yes, it is perfectly fine! I also pray for the right person. God is listening to everything we prayed for and always guiding us in everything we do.

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