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God's call to whom? to church or to pastor or evangelist only?

  1. some body thinking pastor and evangelists are called to serve

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  2. some body thinking church is called to serve

  3. Some body thinking a trained person is allowed to serve

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  4. some body is thinking there is need seperate call to serve him

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  5. some body is thinking they need some vision like dream or some thing

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  6. some body is thinking they need to hear a voice from God

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  1. Once i was a sinner and great fool in world
    Grace of God is made me to found Jesus
    day by day i am growing..
    He blessed me to start an ministry..
    this is our website.. it is in under construction.. we have to add more stuff.. i will do that in coming months.. because i am busy and with some other faults.. i failed to complete all work for web site.. please visit and join with us..
    please pray and join us and visit us..
  2. I am requesting administrator to help me to change the title for this posting.. ty
  3. How about
    ''Are you hearing''

    '' Is that you God''


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