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  1. A conversation with my nephew yesterday
    Him: "Hey YAY (that's what he calls me) I asked Jesus in my heart now I get to go to heaven"

    Me: "when?"

    Him: "in the car when every one was talking I prayed by myself and get to go to heaven now"

    Me: "where do you go if you don't go to heaven?"

    Him: "hell"

    Me: "and why do you go to hell?"

    Him: "if you are bad"

    Me: "and have you done bad stuff to up to hell?"

    Him: "yes but now I get to go to heaven"

    I think he got it and knows what he is talking about he couldn't have made me happier or prouder!! Had to share
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  2. That's GREAT! How old is your nephew, if you don't mind my asking? :)
  3. He is 4 and half
  4. Awwww, that is such a precious age. :) He seems like a very smart boy...
  5. Thanks :) he is very smart had been asking questions for a while about being saved and it just all clicked Sunday
  6. That is SO awesome. :)

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