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  1. I have a praise report regarding my swimming pool that I wanted to share. I know this sounds so silly, but it's a great reminder how God takes care of all our needs including the little things in our lives that creep in to try and create chaos in our lives and take away our finances.

    I love the water and I love to swim. I have a pool in my backyard that the Lord blessed me with knowing my love for being as close as I can to water even if it's just a pool and not the ocean. I noticed the timer on the pool was not working right. The timer turns the pool on every morning and then it turns the pool off every evening. It's an actual clock in a box that you can set and schedule these things. I messed around with the timer, but it still was not working. I called the guy who cleans my pool every week. He came out and they could not fix it either. They use a local pool company in our area for all major pool equipment repairs. The owner of this pool company came out. Said there was a major issue in how it was all wired and due to this they could not even begin to try and fix it. They said I need a master electrician to come out and put in a larger box and rewire everything. That is a minimum of at least $1000, if not more.

    Well, this is a lot of money so I have been turning the pool on every morning manually and then turning it off every evening. It's amazing how a timer can really spoil

    Saturday as I was paying all of my household bills I was just thinking of all the money that I have going out right now and it was a bit over whelming. As I was paying all of my bills, I wasn't even praying I was simply thinking and just saying things to God but not praying.

    That night after paying all my bills and talking to God my pool timer turned off by itself. The next morning the pool turned on by itself, then that night it turned back off by itself. It has been working just fine every since Saturday when I was talking to God about all this stuff. I don't even think I was praying. I was simply trying to figure it all out.

    God is so good to work out these things in our lives that we don't always even pray about. Every time I look at my pool I just smile in knowing that God fixed it himself just for me because it was a worry for me and financially a burden. God is so good. The maintenance guy asked me how it was fixed. I told him I was talking to God about it and the next day it just started working and has been every since. He never responded back to me.... lol
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  2. Awesome praise report! Glory to God!

    Not only is God showing you that He rebukes the devourer for your sake because you are a tither (Malachi 3:10-11) But also he is showing you that He is Your husband and will take great care of you.

    I heard a story of a woman whose husband went to heaven, she was older and had a limited income, she grabbed ahold of the truth of God's Word, and she started talking to God like she would her husband and God took very good care of her.

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  3. Well, there is a good chance I may never marry again.. lol
    I need God to take care of me, I say that seriously, too. hahah
    I tell God almost daily that I scare myself. I am not sure I can trust my decision making skills. I need Him to step in and literally take care of me and help me make all my decisions to do what is right.

    I should have never married my ex. God showed me over and over again, but I would not listen. I guess I thought I knew what was best. I was soooooo wrong.
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  4. Thank you for this testimony: "Let them know that it is Your hand, that You, Lord, have done it." Psalms 109:27
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