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  1. My faith for the last few years has been going all over the place, but the other night I had started reading the Bible again and just constantly been feeling his presence.

    I had always been the one to tell others to not loose their faith which has also helped me through those other times when I was struggling.

    But I'm defiantly all for God
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  2. constant prayer and reading are awesome ways that we get a constant connection with God.

  3. Indeed
  4. I hate it when your faith is all over the place.
  5. I am reading a book called Unstuck. It talks about how to have a faith that is not all over the place. One big idea is to read the bible at least 4 days a week.

  6. ahh really? cool. Yeah I read it most nights and if not the night the morning. But Now Im constantly Talking to Christ :). It makes you feel much better and happier . :)
  7. A book that helped me a bit more with my faith and walk with christ (its mainly for teens the age 13 up) but Im 18 and LOVE it.

    Its called Dragons in our Midst. Its helped my faith and I've been talking to God a lot more since starting reading the books. :)
  8. I find fulfillment in reading my Bible twice a day; early in the mornings and late at nights. It fills me with the thoughts and presence of God everywhere I go.
  9. Pls do you know if the ebook version is available and where I can get it?

  10. Yeah, if I dont get to reading my bible I look at versus or listen to music and just talk to God :)
  11. Yeah... reading the bible and pray works for me. I encourage some of you here can give it a shot. It is definitely worth your while.
  12. Always worth it :D.
  13. Who inspires you in your Christian walk?
  14. My Lord Jesus Christ of course :)

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