Praise God!

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  1. Praise God!

    Quick praise report - after many months of me being discriminated against a boss at my job, she was fired today. I was approached by someone who told me they do not want me to work as a sub teacher but an everyday person. 730 - 4pm EVERYDAY. God is good. Hard work does pay off. I was discriminated and was treated very badly by the boss, but when she was fired today, I was approached by a higher up, who actually used to be my OLD boss, and she said she wants me to be working everyday. God is good. <3

    God always takes care of those who love him! It was just a "waiting" process. I thank God and I give him all the credit and ALL THE GLORY! So very exciting =)
  2. So happy for you

    Praise God
  3. Hooray! God is good. congratulations :) time to celebrate the new position!
  4. [​IMG]

    Praise the Lord!
  5. Thanks, everyone :]
  6. Hey that's great!

    CONGRATS on your promotion!
  7. May God bless you in your work and empower you to do well. May He continue to grant you favor with your co-workers and those in authority at work. These are my prayers for you. This is such good news to hear.
  8. Wow .... Just seeing this now and you see when put our faith and trust In Jesus how He goes ahead of us and prepares the way . That's great news and will certainly be a great encouragement to you .

    Sometimes we think God is not there when we are being picked on but in the end , He is the one cheering for you and telling you ... job well done . So our faithful and His faithfuness never go un noticed. So continue to serve Him and don't worry what people say. You will never be sorry .

    Praise God .... Hallelujah
  9. When we treat others as we should, even though they don't treat us right, the Lord will reward us.
  10. Amen, Dusty :)
    And I guess I had a friend praying behind the scenes that I would get a permanent job. Look at how fast God worked! He is good! :)
  11. Amen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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