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  1. Préludes

    Ivo Pogorelich rencontres Chopin
    Ses préludes pour piano


  2. No. 17 .. very good . thank you Near :)

    that guy plays like the music is alive to him . so cool .
  3. I tried to listen to them all sis. I never could get through it. Srry. As long as you like them it is very cool. Not my taste. Gimme Yani!! Both are musical artists and very great at what they do. God Bless you NTG

    Chili out.
  4. I never intended for anyone to 'force' themselves to listen to it. It's just here for my benefit and for others.
  5. You did not force me at all sis. I was merely tasting it. Hehehehe So relax :) Love you sis. God Bless you


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