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    Dag Heward-Mills

    READ: Romans 13:1-7

    Obey the government, for God is the one who put it there...

    Romans 13:1

    (New Living Translation)

    There is no way you are going to do anything in this secular world without dealing with the authorities that be. You have to recognize this fact and prepare yourself to deal with them. You cannot avoid them or go around them.

    Notice how Nehemiah was able to acquire permission from the king to do what he wanted (Nehemiah 2:4,7). Some people are not able to get approval or permission for anything.

    A good leader must be successful in this area of leadership; otherwise, you will build nothing for God.

    Use the appropriate people to help you to deal with these authorities. For instance, if you are dealing with legal issues involving the government, you will have to employ good lawyers or people with legal minds.

    Decide to comply with existing laws and regulations. The Bible says that these authorities are there for our good (1 Timothy 2:1, 2).

    Develop and maintain personal and cordial relationships with every relevant authority. Give them gifts at Christmas and other important occasions.

    It is also important to deal with authorities spiritually, by praying for them. Over the years, I have learnt to deal with authorities by praying for them. There is a direct promise in the Word for those who pray for authorities. The promise is that you will be able to live in godliness, honesty and contentment.
  2. What about Daniel's civil disobedience when it came to doing what God says over what the 'law' that man wrote says? Shadrach, Meshach, Abed-nego?

    How about Paul's?
    Esther & Mordecai?

    At what point do we stand up for God's word and forsake our earthly life? 'If we perish; we perish'. There is no greater love than for one to lay down his life for his loved ones. Jesus said it...and He did it....
  3. Romans 13, one of the most abused bits of scripture there is.
    I personally could not give two figs for the laws of man, much less our supposed rulers.
    Do what is right and let the chips fall where they may.
    The list of corrupt governments and corrupt, evil rulers is endless.
    You can either serve God or the world, you cannot serve both.
  4. We should follow God first and this is what they showed, their loyality to their Lord before anything else. Today Muslim converts are hated by everyone around them including their families and to be a Christian is against the law but, they choose to follow Jesus first. This first is putting me in mind of how David treated Saul. David consider Saul the king even though the Lord had already promised him to be king. David even refered to Saul as the Lord's annointed and even though Saul looked to kill David, David would not lay a hand on Saul.
  5. No...this is not acceptable. It is not permitted to stalk other posters and bring issues from other threads into every conversation.
  6. 1. there was no one stalking no one
    2. there was no one bringing issues from other threads either

    Thank you for understanding. and make sure you're using the same measure for everybody.

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