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    It would really help to have the "Today's Posts" on here again, with a drop down so I can even go to the pages for the days before that, or page numbers that go back a ways. The site changes days in the afternoon or evening depending on where you are in the America, because the site is from another country.

    All we have is New posts. But if I turn this on and am not be able to read or reply then, a little later nothing comes up as if there was no posts ( and there were) and there is no way to find them except go through every forum and sub section. Thats too difficult and most people just don't do that at all.

    The only time Today's posts shows up at the top is when we are not signed in, so that doesn't help
  2. See, now that I made this post I can't go back to the long list of posts that were on here before I posted this. Only this post comes up. I can only keep clicking 'back' on my browser several times after each post. thats just not right. There has to be a better way to do this. I wonder if some don't post and moved on because it looks like no one is posting now when they click new posts.
  3. I am finding the same thing and it is very frustrating cause you have to sift though the whole forum and I miss a lot .
  4. Bumping this up.

    I got disconnected after I came on tonight so now that I am back on, I can't read any of that long list of posts since there are no new posts.

    Do you think we could get the TODAY'S POSTS put back on this site sometime soon?
  5. I am finding tonight that I have to click several times before my post will send and then it tells me I have to wait as it is not enough seconds after the post .
  6. I think that is standard to have to wait for 1 minute. Unless you are staff ( on some forums)
  7. Today's post has been added back.
  8. Thanks Jeff .... That's much better.
  9. Jeff
    Thank you so much! I really appreciate it. This will be a whole lot easier now!
  10. I always had the place to go and see today's post..don't know why it was different for some..oh least it's ok now.

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