Postmodernism in Bible study

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  1. Many people look at the Bible with the mindset of, "what does this Scripture mean to me?" However, we should not read the Bible with this mindset. It should be, "what does this Scripture mean, and how does that apply to me?" The Bible holds the absolute truth, and there aren't multiple ways to look at it, at least in the Greek and Hebrew Scripture.
  2. I agree with most of it absolutely! :) but we can still learn things from scripture that may not have been the authors intents they were writing it-such is the Power of the Holy Spirit :)
    For me I was worried a few years ago that I lost some hair on my head, at such a young age too :( lol so to make a long story short, I prayed to God and He directed me to 2 things in scripture that had no meaning about hair loss. First it was:
    "Indeed, the very hairs of your head are all numbered. Don't be afraid; you are worth more than many sparrows." -Luke 12:7
    So I asked God, "if all of my hairs are numbered... Why are you Subtracting?" :p then The Holy Spirit led me to Gideon. It's like He said to me, "what did I do with Gideon?" "Well," I said, "you dwindled his army down so that his confidence would be in you and not the number of men he had."
    And then it hit me. I should not worry about the hairs on my head for my confidence is in Him not that or anything else :) so I shaved what was left and rocked what I got haha lol. So these two scriptures, both having nothing to do with hair loss, or each other, the Holy Spirit helped me interpret them in such a way as to help me in a particular situation that was real troubling to be at the time :) such is the power of Gods word that you can look at a particular verse a thousand times and still find new meaning and Truth in Gods Word. Though mind you, knowing what the verse means initially from the authors perspective is first and foremost most important to learn :)
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  3. Really great stuff. :)
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  4. Something to remember is that the Holy Spirit is the original author of the Whole Bible. And scripture should be received by spiritually discerned and by revelation knowledge obtained. So as we meditate on the Word of God...then He can reveal the truth of the Word unto us. And as we feed those seeds of truth to our spirits.....then our faith grows, and produces a harvest of righteousness (which is our soul prospering). And just as the body needs to eat so does our spirits.

    I also agree that the original Greek and Hebrew meanings are important. I heard that when the Bible was originally translated into english...there was not any people known to the king, that spoke Hebrew or Aramaic, so there are a lot of names of God for instance (which would show God's Character better) that were not correctly interpreted.
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  5. I agree.. If I may add, our response to what Scripture shows is crucial.. When Scripture shows us something, how do we react to it? We cannot change the meaning of scripture because we don't like it. There should be only one interpretation of scripture. There could be numerous application of scriptures though
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  6. You said there is not multiple ways to look at the meaning or truth of scripture. That is not quite true my brother. For the closer you get to God and His written word the more He reveals to you about His word. Another words you can spend years with a revelation understanding of a scripture and then God will give you a brand new or another angle or meaning or way of seeing this scripture. ;) Deeper insight wich makes the scripture at hand a brand new truth for you.

    Just saying is all
    God Bless
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  7. Correct, yet when each one of us does this very thing, and then we come together to share what the Lord has said to us, personally from the reading and meditating on the same passage, invariably, out of ten people you will have ten different responses. Now, THAT is the proof that the scriptures speak to us personally.
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