Post Partum Depression or Satan on my back?

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  1. I am 21 years old with a 6 month old daughter. About six weeks after my little girl was born, I started experiencing what I refer to as "melt-downs." Small trivial things would frustrate me and then after seemingly no time at all my emotions would escalate through the roof! I'd become so angry/upset/sad that I would pull out my hair, scratch my face leaving noticeable scratch marks, punch walls (bruising my knuckles and swelling up my fists) etc. This episodes would happen randomly and almost for no reason. ALSO, prior pregnancy I NEVER became so angry as to hurt myself or punch things. I have never struggled with anger problems.

    Recently I noticed a pattern. On days that I would dive into my bible and keep my eyes on Jesus, these melt-downs would not happen. On days that I would become caught up with life (the busyness of it) and give in to my flesh and not deliberately spend time with God..on these days I have my melt-downs.

    SO. Heres my question to anyone interested in answering: Should I be taking anti-depressants or not? My family wants me to, I feel like I shouldnt have to be dependent upon an addictive drug when I have the Holy Spirit inside of me. I HAVE been prescrbed an anti-depressant by my doctor. I took it for a month. During that month I had no melt-downs BUT I was a zombie. Emotionless. I also want to mention that I have never had any thoughts or feelings to hurt my daughter or anyone else. Nor have I considered suicide.
    So..what do you all think?
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  2. I guess I am little immature to give proper advice.. I did not know post partum depression could result in such violent reactions also. I thought it was mostly around mood swings.. But I would say this.. Pray about it.. Listen to what Lord speaks to your heart.. Irrespective of whether is it demonic oppression or just the hormones playing out, only Lord can set you free.. Try shifting your focus on him rather than the problem at hand.. That is the most difficult thing to do.. I am speaking to myself here as well.. But that is what Jesus told us to do again and again.. He continuously repeated "do not fear", "do not worry". He is the one who can give us rest and peace.
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  3. Wow, fantastic advice, thank you! The simplest solutions are sometimes the hardest to see unless you are on the outside looking in.
  4. I agree with Ravindar. And I think that you can try to find a good Christian psychologist or any counselor in your church and ask for help. Good psychotherapy could help you to find a way to solve these problems. I would not be afraid of medicaments that could help you to prevent the worst condition.
  5. There is nothing wrong with drugs prescribed by a doctor.

    My advice would be to deal with the root cause of the anger. Such anger is from built up emotions. Release them. Go to church and speak to an elder / share your problems with us. Many old wise men here who have been there / done that ;).
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  6. That is awesome that your meltdowns don't happen when you're focused on Christ. I really think you need to continue reading your Bible since it seems to be the answer :)
  7. Wow , I feel so similar to you except I'm 22 I have no kids but I have horrible anxiety and the worst thoughts...yet I've never hurt myself nor others..

    I just twitch,feel I can't breathe..the works..

    I've considered medication but was scared of being a zombie, my aunt took anti depressants and said that's how it made her feel..... and like you
    I feel like since I have the holy spirit, I shouldn't be on meds..

    Its even tougher when I'm struggling and He is silent..

    I suggest you take meds if you feel you need it, talk to someone and see where it goes from there.
  8. the lord will hill you in jesus name
  9. you have to fast and pray very well and have faith you will get hill
  10. so many wise responses..thank you all :)
  11. I struggled with the same question when my first son was born only I was embarrassed and ashamed that I was even going through it. I would like to call it all mood swings but as stated above, just look to the Lord and he will guide you. Keep your head up, your much stronger than you realize (y)
  12. 1 thing to remember, your thoughts take you in the direction you're going to go. So....

    What I do is remember bible verses that I recite in my head to help keep my thoughts in captivity and renew my mind.

    With trivial things that bother me; I ask myself, is this going to matter in a years time or 5 years time, or longer.

    Start a journal; perhaps talking to God through this journal, and vent, pour your heart out to our Almighty Father. He has a love for you that can wash over you, make you clean and feel over whelming peace and joy.

    Find a Christian friend; someone female that has a gift for listening. This person will not interject negativity towards your problem and a good listener will usually not say anything unless they are truly led by God and love.

    Start your day listening to some praise and worship music that you like to sing to. Hold that precious child and rock or dance with him/her in your arms singing to the music.

    Set up some personal time for yourself with 'No Pressure'. Perhaps a bubble bath, short nap, or a treat you like to eat.

    These ^^^ are only my suggestions and with all things, filter them through your spirit and seek God to lead you.
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  13. all awesome experience strength and hope you guys!

    Right now I've taken some medications for depression and anxiety for almost a year now. I really feel that yes at the time I needed these medications because I was going through A LOT. Now that I feel that brain chemistry wise and blessings from God that now I was starting to feel that "zombie" feeling that people are talking about because I'm feeling better and I nelieve it's a sign to start tapering off. So now I'm slowly getting off some of my medication because I don't want to rely on meds and that zombie feeling! I know I need to go to God for everything.

    I'd say this... physical harm, suicide, and hallucinations are three big factors that I'd say are signs that a person should get meds. Pray to God that you end up on the right meds temporarily to help with that problem if you feel like you need them. Also, know that it's a process... You're not going to possibly find the right meds for you the first time. It was a hard process of finding the right meds for me. It took about 3 or 4 different meds to find the right one. BE HONEST ABOUT YOUR SYMPTOMS VERY IMPORTANT TO BE AS HONEST AS YOU CAN WITH A PSYCHIATRIST. Find a good psychiatrist that actually cares about you and doesn't seem like a robot. Mine knows about my christian beliefs and he is a christian as well and is definitely a very encouraging and personable person.

    Last thing just keep having faith and making the LORD numero uno!

    God Bless you're in my prayers:D
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  14. You are not alone. So many women struggle with this. As long as you are seeking His will, know that He may have provided the tool of medication to allow you to give to Him your burdens. Your precious baby needs you to be well. The mama has to put the oxygen on first to save her baby. I am not saying the medication is God but it can remove some stumbling blocks, and know that with the right psychiatrist or dr, you can wean off when you feel the Lord is telling you that hard season has passed. Prayers and love in Christ.
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