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  1. Does anyone on here believe in Postmillenial eschatology? I was attending a reformed church where they did a series called Eschaton and it was very convincing for us being in a current millennial period, that Jesus is slowly building his kingdom from a mustard seed.

    The pastor talked about Matthew 24 and how it describes a past event...he actually described many instances in the bible which people assume are yet to come but which have already occurred. Or times when Jesus was talking to his disciples and we misinterpret it as him talking to us....

    I don't know. I should be backing this up with the scripture he used but I would need to get in the word and look and I'm out of time. I'll post it later. I just really wanted some general info from you guys; if you've ever heard this and your thoughts on it.

    Supposedly the OT prophecy gives evidence to us being in the millenium now--- because Jesus has already smashed the last enemy (death) under his feet and is currently reigning as King.
  2. Ps I'm on the fence about it. I've done studies in the word on both views. Pre and post.
  3. End times and Revelation used to fascinate me and I am also on the fence and have to dive back into scripture to figure some of the notions out there that we are coming up on the end times. A decent website that focuses on end times and references a lot of scripture can be found here

    People think it begins (the final 7 years) with a peace agreement that is to be made between the Palestinians and the Israelis.
  4. Reasons (from the website) some believe that the end times is nearing:

    1. The prophesied agreement will turn Judea into a Palestinians state. The United Nations voted on November 29, 2012, to recognize a Palestinian state within pre-1967 borders. This is the biblical area of Judea. As a result, Israel is now considered an occupying power in the eyes of the world community. If Israel doesn’t come to terms with the Palestinians through negotiations, the Palestinians have already said they will file charges against Israel at the UN. Israel desperately wants to avoid a showdown with the entire world community.
    2. When the agreement is signed, the Temple Mount will be placed under a sharing arrangement between Muslims and Jews. This is described in Revelation 11:1-2. A law was introduced in the Israeli Knesset on November 1, 2013, to place the Temple Mount under a sharing arrangement so that both Jews and Muslims can worship there.
    3. During the first three and one-half years after the agreement is signed, the Jews will build their temple on the Temple Mount. The Temple Institute in Jerusalem was founded by Rabbi Yisrael Ariel in 1987. The Institute has now recreated all the vessels and utensils that are required for the building of the temple and resumption of temple worship. In 2013 a new Ark of the Covenant was completed and is now on display in the Temple Institute. I was also told by the guide at the Institute that the architectural drawings for the construction of the Third Temple are now complete. EVERYTHING IS READY TO GO!
    4. In 2013 Israel’s number one trading partner, the European Union, placed the settlements in Judea-Samaria under economic sanctions. No EU member is supposed to conduct trade with the West Bank settlers or with any Israeli entity that has any ties to the West Bank settlers. Many other countries and organizations are beginning to follow suit. If the peace talks do not succeed, Israel will soon find herself isolated from the world.
    5. Palestinian Leader Mahmoud Abbas has said that he will press charges against Israel and her leaders before the International Criminal Court if a peace agreement is not reached by April 29, 2014. This could result in Israeli leaders being placed on trial at The Hague and sentenced to prison by the international tribunal.
    6. Last but certainly not least, Israel’s main supporter, the United States of America, is determined that an agreement will be reached at this time. The US is prepared to use all the power at its disposal to see that an agreement is reached. Israel does not want to alienate its main ally.
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  5. Well.........get off the fence and get into the Word of God!

    Brian Kurkjian is correct!

    The Rapture is the next prophetic even to take place in God's count down,

    1. Rapture
    2. 7 years of Tribulation
    3. Armageddon
    4. 2nd Coming of Christ, physically to the earth
    5. 1000 year rule of Christ
    6. 2nd Gog and Magog battle.
    7. Lake of Fire is opened
    9. Eternity.

    The Premillennial postion is the only one where ALL of the pieces fit together perfectly according to the Scriptures.(IMHO).

    Postmillennialism is the belief that Christ returns after a period of time, but not necessarily a literal 1000 years. Those who hold this view do not interpret unfulfilled prophecy using a normal, literal method. They believe that Revelation 20:4-6 should not be taken literally. They believe that “1000 years” simply means “a long period of time.” Furthermore, the prefix “post-” in “postmillennialism” denotes the view that Christ will return after Christians (not Christ Himself) have established the kingdom on this earth.

    Those who hold to postmillennialism believe that this world will become better and better—all evidence to the contrary notwithstanding—with the entire world eventually becoming “Christianized.” After this happens, Christ will return. However, this is not the view of the world in the end times that Scripture presents. From the book of Revelation, it is easy to see that the world will be a terrible place during that future time.
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    Thanks Major :) that was my original belief in light of scripture I've studied myself. I started going to this church and thought God had led me there but since then I've experienced some confusion although what he was saying sounded really convincing. Especially the OT prophecies tied in...anyway it's a long story.

    Thank you all for your insight I really appreciate it. You know, it's funny because I was really getting into a series on Revelation dobe by pastor Dave @ Calvary Nuevo (word by mail) and halfway thru is when Easter came. I went to this reformed church because my friend invited me and the preaching was good so I went back. The next week he started the eschaton series and I just got hooked. I really started to believe it.

    I am in prayer and in the Word every day and so I know God keeps me on the right path.
  7. Major is correct. There are a couple debates here. Pretreist and Post or Pre Trib Rapture.

    The Kingdom of God is here they see that, but it's not Jesus coming back to take charge. He told us to occupy until he comes. Once he comes, then we serve with Him as Kings and Priest. (Rev 20)

    Preterist believe that all has come to pass in around 70ad. They take Luke 21 and Matt 24 to prove this. They have to make the 6th seal hyperbole though for it to fit. The 6th seal literally removes the stars from the Heavens the 7th bring 1/2 hour of silence on earth and we know what is coming right after that.

    I prove a pre-Trib rapture here:,3.0.html

    Here I show we must be removed before the Son of Perdition is revealed and how a Greek Female noun can never define itself in connection with something. Of course that would be the Word Apostasia.,11.0.html

    Here I give reasons why I don't care for all those rapture end time sites. Our sign is what Jesus said. The gospel will be preached all over the World then the end comes. We still have a bit of a way to go, but big projects are in the Works to help this out. Project never possible before.

    Animals across the globe dying........ OH MY!!! (Beware of truth streaching and fabrications to prove something Biblical!!!),32.0.html
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  8. I really appreciate this guys thank you for the clarification
  9. Pre or post doesn't matter. And there are cases to be made (and made, and made) for both. But, there are lost souls needing to be saved.

    While the discussion of when Jesus will return is good. A better discussion is what will he catch us doing?
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  10. Yes He will Allie! I can promise you that.

    Remember, God does not cause confusion so it would seem that He has already spoken to you on this.
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  11. He can see everything we're currently doing anyway. If we are living of the Spirit and not of the flesh, we shouldn't have to worry about Him catching us with our hand in the proverbial cookie jar (so to speak) when He returns. ;):)
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  13. It's not that it matters so much or affects my walk. My main concern is the type of church I'm attending and whether or not what they are teaching is correct. I guess in this case, we won't know for sure until it happens.
  14. Thanks brother mike--- I read your post on the other forum. I would be interested to hear how the pastor of this reformed church would respond to the points made about revelation. I would love for you to watch one of his sermons and tell me where you believe the error is. I know that would take time-- and idk if you wouldn't want to. I'll send you link just in case.
  15. Another sermon was about the Daniel prophecy and how it adds up perfectly....I really was believing it. I hope in not one of those believers that is blown to and fro
  16. Ok I have another question . Where are we (believers) during the 1000 year millenium?
  17. That was actually "My" forum Sister, I pay for the server. I would love to go listen to that Pastor Ally, but I would not dare do it to Judge him or point out wrong. I Hold in high reguard those in Ministry even if I don't agree with them. The Lord said who are we to judge another mans servant.

    This is why you will never hear me say a bad thing about Benny Hinn. I might scratch my head silently and think."What the heck you talking about Brother Hinn?" but I am not over the man, nor any judgement I made against him would be just because I have no authority to back any criticism. Examine the doctrine and speak on that, Let God judge his own man.

    However, If you have questions that I can back by a scripture I am more than happy to share.

    Rev 20 says with Jesus and in Charge. What you do here is important.
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  18. OK, I watched it. I like the optimism as scripture never portrays a defeated Church. Jesus said on this Rock I'll build my church and the Gates of Hell shall not prevail. He is able to present to himself a glorious church without spot or wrinkle. No scripture predicted any doom of the church or falling away.

    Now there are lots of groups that call themselves church, but Jesus don't consider them part of His church. The Shepard is more than able to keep the sheep and the Father is more than able to keep you from getting ripped out of his hand.

    Post trib belives the church is messed up, but that just means they are going to the wrong church.

    I agree with lots of his views. I just wished he used scriptures. Just story after story and no scripture. Stories are good, but in connection with scripture. He went on for 15 minutes about sounds............

    The guy is young and I believe He will mature. You notice he did not have many in his crowd.

    However............. God is going to trash this planet with many still here. Just the first trumpet burns up 1/3 of all the trees on earth will knock out power all over the planet mixed with Hail and blood. It's mixed so it does not burn the earth up completely but worse is yet to come.
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  19. Honestly Allie, I am not going to invest an hour on his video. What I will do is respond to the questions you have concerning what was said.

    If you want to, list 1 (One) question, and the Bible verse that was used and we can discuss your questions one at a time.

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