Post I saw only yesterday- please help me find again

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  1. I saw yesterday a post from this site. The post was a very thoughtful devotion . I recall neither the author or the one who posted it, but it was written in a style which was similar to Oswald Chambers. It was lengthy, for a post, but seemed important for me. It dealt with a proper focus on and relationship with Christ , balancing work, experiences and the like. If anyone could help me find it again, I would be grateful.
  2. Try using the search at the top right corner.
  3. Sounds like Sues' posts. Check the area "Thoughts for today". I bet a dollar against a doughnut you will find it.
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  4. Didn't Tezli post something like that recently?
  5. I appreciate the help, but I've not yet found it.
  6. what was the subject about? Tell us what you remember about it and we'll help find it.
  7. It was about standing properly in relationship to God, taking care to not allow works or experience to become an improper focus. I have read some of Sue's posts; her are not inconsistent (I have been grateful for them) but I did not see this as among those from her which I saw in seeking this one out. I can't even recall the name of the quoted author which would have been a second way to search. If this is ringing any bells and you could help me find it again,mi would be grateful.
  8. Great fiction is a member on CFS who sometimes posts some lengthy comments, does he ring a bell?
  9. Did you "like" the comment or comment on the thread it was on? You can look at your activity under your name in the top right.
  10. No, and I could kick myself for it

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