Post from Goodwin 17 moved: regarding Hurricane Ida

Discussion in 'Environmental Issues' started by Goodwin17, Nov 5, 2009.

  1. Post from Goodwin 17 moved: regarding Hurricane Ida

    For some reason I don't recall there being a storm coming from that direction before. Does anyone know of storm like this before? Hopefully it won't gain too much power. The weatherman said we may get some rain here in North Alabama from it.
  2. Goodwin 17 -

    We had to move your post. The Tropical Systems Area is READ ONLY for members. Due to the seriousness of those storms, there are only two posters allowed in that area. Please refer to the sticky posts regarding posting restrictions in the Tropical Systems Area.

    Thank you and your post can continue in this open section.
  3. As someone who has had to deal with and continues to deal with hurricanes all of her life, I found this link very interestnig. It needs to be updated to include the worse national disaster in American history to date (Katrina).

    I did find it very interesting reading Pastor Gary, thanks for sharing it.

    Blessings, Cheri

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