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  1. I was reading another thread and the thought came to mind about 'popularity' or being popular with the masses.

    My thoughts on this are these: if someone or something is 'popular'; it probably isn't "Holy". Using Christ's life as an example, He was born essentially alone, He died essentially alone, and in His ministry, the multitudes hung around for the mere expectant of something-and not necessarily waiting for any truths. The multitudes wanted miracles: healing, food, overthrow of the government, etc..

    The truth of the matter is, when we get closer the the heart of Truth; the more resistance we encounter from our flesh and the world. Christ was rejected for the most part. 'Popularity' wasn't a contest for Him to win.

  2. I think that the more popular you become the more difficult it is to remain "holy" or strictly focused on God. The flesh naturally rises. It is difficult to continue to make it about God but I hope it isn't impossible. I know plenty of good Gospel preachers who have attained certain levels of popularity? Just some thoughts.
  3. Could not have said it better..

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