Polly Gives Up The Severnes Thing!

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  1. Polly says that she knows the Lord wants her to give-up the servernas thing, and she is getting rid of all that stuff...she has thrown away all her occult junk and appears to be really trying to please the Lord in this?

    Continue to pray for her...thanks ...:D
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  2. O oooooo glad to hear this. Been trying to git her to do this since she became a member. Keep watering that seed mitspa ;)
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  3. That's great! I'm gonna keep praying for her.
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  4. This is great news!! Praise God :) I have been following Polly's threads even though I haven't contributed much.
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  5. I can't read this topics title without hearing it in a parrot's voice with a little squak at the end. @_@
  6. Lol banareth x D

    And thats great for Polly.. hope she becomes even more anchored in the Lord...

    And its great you kept up with her :)
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  7. Lord, thank you for giving this good news for us.. Though we might have pushed Polly a lot in this forum, we firmly believe that the Word of God will never come back empty. It is sharper than a two-edged sword. Thanks to Brother Mitspa who is putting the right seed in Polly's heart. Thank you for interceding in Polly's life through Mitspa.. We pray that you will condition Polly's hear to receive the word. It will be like the good soil which will take the seed and it will grow out to bear fruits. The devil cannot snatch it away from her. Continue to work in her life.. Bless our brother and put the right words in his heart and mind as he continues to carry the good work.. We give you all the praise.. In Jesus name.. Amen
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  8. This seriously brought tears to my eyes. Praise the Lord! She truly sounds as though she knows what the Lord wants of her and that she's finally letting the Holy Spirit take over! Glory be to God!
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  9. Can someone explain to me what the "Severnes thing" is?
  10. She is in love with Severus Snape (the guy from Harry Potter). She create a tulpa of him and refused to let him go. She has since let him go and also got rid of other occult items!
  11. Ahhh! Thank you.
  12. i have a lotta respect for true seekers.

    i was that way before met Jesus during the Jesus Revolution during the early seventies. before that, i was involved in the hippie/drug culture and we did a lot of 'rapping' (heavy conversation) at some of the parties i attended about the big question then: "what is truth?"

    sometimes the way got messy and dark (as it did for me), for those who were in earnest concerning this search.

    when i finally gave my life to Jesus at age twenty, i realized the intensity of my search and the diverse experiences i had drove me to pursue an authentic relationship with Christ and protected me from the religious mire of legalism.......

    for which, i am eternally grateful.
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