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Do you believe the Body of Christ is Living to its full potential as God has Declared we should

  1. Yes we are mighty and living as we should

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  2. No, we lack in His power and authority He has given us

  1. Please Cast your vote honestly
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  2. Why is it I can't choose an answer? It's just that many may well be living to the full potential, others are so-so, and others not so much. Since the apostles helped organize the first 'people of the Word' it quickly became evident that getting everyone to participate in the Body of Christ at the same fervent level was immediately a problem.This is evidenced by the letters to the then-known churches, many which were letters of rebuke. I don't think that much has changed to this day in terms of varying levels of fervency, and this makes it so difficult to choose an answer of either yes or no (at least for me it is difficult).
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  3. There is a Reasoning behind this and will be posted soon.
    In His Grip
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  4. I actually agree with you. There are so many godly men and women who in my opinion are doing what God has instructed them to do. They are the part of the body who is operating, or striving to operate in the capacity in which they have been called.

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  5. many out of billions isn't much .
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    Yep, I was not (and still am not) pleased with the wording of the choice (with all respect to Fish Catcher). But it really doesn't do good to reword questions to suit the answer-er, so I took my best shot, and voted for the one I had least objection.

    Jim. looking forward to your post.
  7. None of us can fulfill God's plan for another person. Sometimes one out of billions is enough.. If that one follows the Lord's leading. The believer doesn't even have to be perfect.

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  8. Any one that has ever paid attention, knows I am thoroughly against anyone putting down on Any Pastor or Ministries.

    So this is not going in the direction of putting down the body of Christ.

    Once I am finished with a couple other projects I will finish this one.

    Soon as in day or two
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