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Is the introduction of the 5p carrier bag charge in England (UK) worthwhile?

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  2. No

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  1. The UK government has recently introduced a 5p charge for all carrier bags purchased in an effort to reduce the amount of plastic used throughout England.
    There are benefits of this environmentally of course, less wastage and more recycling. It has been evident that consumers are reluctant to pay 5p for a plastic carrier bag thus will rather carry their items loosely or use a reusable bad.
    Some shops have decided to give the profits from the carrier bag sales to charities, however some will keep the profits to line their own pockets.
    Some shops in the UK have paper bags and bags that are biodegradable; this means the bags naturally break down over time.

    What do you think? Vote on the poll and comment below.
  2. I find that most people only want to help if it saved them money. We have canvas bags from Aldi and Lidle that work great and we don't have those petroleum bags. In the U.S. We found that Wal-Mart uses almost one bag per item! It's terrible. You buy 20 items you get 15 bags. I can't wait to my stuff.
  3. Where we live, all grocery stores charge 5 cents per plastic bag. We use reusable cloth bags. It's a great thing, as our landfills have been overrun by the ubiquitous white plastic bag that doesn't degrade well.
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  4. Cloth bags are available here; we have a cupboard full of plastic bags. Our family is taking our own bags than paying 5p per bag.
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  5. I admit that I carry bags in my car but always forget to take them into the shops. :rolleyes:
    Due to this, I end up buying new ones. It is good for the environment though - I see the benefit in the introduction.
    I just hope the companies are using the money wisely for charities and not to line their own pockets.

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