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  1. This was very interesting.. I was reading 2 Samuel today.. The time period is when Saul is dead.. His son is now ruling Israel and David is ruling Judah.. Now problems start between Abner and Joab.. Gets worse when Abner kill Joab's son.. Now Abner allies with David.. And Joab takes revenge on Abner and kills him.. I cannot make this any shorter.. I am condensing so much information here :)

    But the interesting part comes after this.. Now David mourns the death of Abner.. Why would David mourn for the death of his enemy's commander? The Bible clearly records the people were watching all these.. And they saw upon David favorably due to this.. Was David planning this out and deliberately doing this? Did he sing about Abner just to win people's heart? Or is there genuine feeling for David here? It is the same Abner whom he cursed when Abner was sleeping and failed to protect Saul..

    So that is my question :) What is David's motive behind mourning? Was it just to gain political advantage? Or they became close because Abner brought back Michal? Michal and David were in love.. David remembered her and asked Abner to bring her.. Which Abner did.. Did David look upon Abner favorably because of that? I don't think this makes David wrong.. I don't know.. How do you guys look at this? I was fascinated to read the political situation in Israel and Judah.. Out of this, the most amazing part is, God establishing the kingdom of David.. All these small pieces contributing to the bigger plan of God.. Establishing the kingdom of the man after His own heart..
  2. No one thing we see in David is a sincere desire to love those of Israel, even those who hated him and sought to destroy him..from the beginning he loved Saul and would have served him. David loved in a way that is hard to understand, this I agree.
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  3. I see what you are saying.. Clearly David was a stand out.. Considering every other person in power, David was so so different.. He will not tolerate people touching anointed ones.. He killed the 2 who killed innocent king of Israel (Saul's son).. He cursed Joab for killing Abner.. He cursed Abner for not protecting Saul.. He refrained from killing Saul every time an opportunity was provided.. Reading the Psalms he wrote in between these situations clearly reveals his true heart..

    I wonder if he wrote any Psalm around the time Abner was killed and David was mourning.. Is there any?
  4. There is some bibles that explain when and why David wrote each Psalm... the info is there if one searches it out... Off the top of my head I cant say tho...
  5. Found this link.. I don't think there is any Psalm around this time..

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