Poking in to say Hi!

Discussion in 'New Members Welcome' started by NateCow, Feb 23, 2009.

  1. Poking in to say Hi!

    Hello everyone! My name's Nathaniel Caauwe, but Nate's fine, as alluded by my screen name. I'm from Nebraska and have recently been going through a lot of changes in many areas of my life, the most important of which is the rekindling of my faith.

    I'm just finishing up a tour through Focus on the Family's The Truth Project, which has been absolutely fascinating. Tomorrow night is our last tour, however I've now been through it twice, since my brother (our small group's host) has been showing me each tour prior to watching it with the rest of the group, so I think I've sorta got a little more out of it over these past few months :p

    I've been looking for a nice Christian forum to hang out on and this definitely feels like it could be a place I call home on the web. I've hung out on various filmmaking forums over the past seven years and I've been spending less and less time on them lately. I'm either too busy actually working on films or just not into the general off-topic discussion and obsession with material things, which I care very little about anymore.

    Anyway, I like the feel of CFS. Just reading a few threads for about ten minutes, I already felt comfortable. I'm glad I found this site :)
  2. Thank you, Dusty! :)
  3. Nate - Welcome to CFS and we are glad that you took the time to find us. Several of your user features will activate when you reach roughly 15 posts, so feel free to fellowship with our Christian Family here at CFS.

    Nice to have you with us...
  4. Hi there Nate!

    And Welcome!!

    I just ordered the Truth Project, it hasn't arrived yet but I am looking forward to using it as a bible series program, probably beginning after Lent.

    I watched #9 God and State. Very well done and thought provoking.

    I'm looking forward to conversing with you.

    Your neighbor to the south! :D
  5. Nate,

    Welcome to the forums, its great to have you here. I remember i had a friend back home who was called nicknamed Natedog...lol Funny..

    Anyway hope to hear from you soon :)

    Your friend
  6. Welcome to CFS.
    GBU Tavy
  7. Thanks for the warm welcomes everyone, I'm truly thankful to be able to hop on these boards and be around people like you :)

    CShcultz, that's my brother's favorite tour. When you pair it with the following tour, The American Experiment, it really makes you see what's going on in our country today. I personally love the early lessons, especially the two-part lesson on science, as well as looking into who God is and who man is, where evil comes from, etc. Del Tackett is a wonderful teacher.
  8. Welcome to the site!
    It is a really amazing place to find, and the people here are so wonderful. This site is so supportive and offer's lots of fellowship, encouragment and love for the LO[​IMG]RD!
    Great to have ya here!
  9. Hi Nate,

    Welcome to CFS. I'm sure you will be blessed with the fellowship here.



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