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    It was a television series and a cartoon, and believe me, it was very popular back in the 1990s. It was a fad by the time 1998-1999 rolled around.

    Today the Pokemon craze still goes on.

    I kind of got swept up in the craze.

    I like Pokemon. I got into it when I was 9 (today I'm 26), and all I did was train the fire type. I was good at it. I had big dreams of becoming a Pokemon Master, which I think I accomplished by the time I was 11.

    I went on to raise a very good Pokemon team and became quite proud of myself for Catching 'Em All.

    It feels satsifying fulfilling your dreams you know. I feel like I am a Pokemon Master now.
  2. Ok I just wanted to know who else watches TV....
  3. I used to have a pika doll i named penelope, i took her everywhere. .i even made her clothes and fed her xD

    Then one day, I just threw her away ..lol
    Idk why guess i waz getting older.

    Hopefully she didng have strings attached.

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