Poetry - Is It All A Game?

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  1. Why Lord?
    Why do the wicked prosper?
    Why do those that do evil seemingly smile all day?
    People who say You were invented
    Never existed
    Are celebrated at symposiums and take the lead chair at banquets

    People who are playing church
    No reverence for worship
    Preaching spoiled spiritual milk
    Convincing goats they are sheep
    Selling a false salvation and earthly prosperity
    If the price is right
    If the seed is sown
    The harvest must follow?
    Selling cheap grace at a steep price
    What is the price for a human soul?
    Your best life now is your worst hell forever

    I see those lying in Your name
    Deceiving many for their own kingdoms
    Purpose driven goats
    Sacrificing their Mary upon the altar
    Of the Church of Martha
    Turning the unsaved into the unchurched
    Not seeing nor caring what the difference means
    A three point topical sermon and a cloud of dust
    A three sentence prayer...
    Devoid of any power
    Devoid of any hope
    Devoid of salvation
    Welcome to the family of God?

    Creating generations of churched people who do not know the Lord
    Having never turned from their sins
    Believing in the friendship of God without knowing the Savior
    Without giving up our own Lordship
    But they think they know their purpose
    Until that day they stand before you
    Away from me you who practice lawlessness!
    Didn't we serve in many ministries in Your name?
    Didn't we put on many plays and musicals in Your Name?
    Conduct Easter Egg Hunts in Your Name?
    Celebrate Halloween...I mean Harvest...in Your name?
    Didn't we water down the Gospel to attract more people to our churches in Your name?
    Didn't we kill our wounded and bury our bleeding in Your name?
    Didn't we mock doctrine and ignore Scripture in Your name?
    Didn't we discard Your prophets for the sake of unity?
    Didn't we mock Your prophets with shouts of judgment! Legalism!
    Didn't we?

    Do not envy the wicked
    Or despair at those profiting in false prosperity
    Nothing escapes the eyes of the Lord
    Every knee shall bow
    Every tongue confess
    There are no hearses with luggage racks
    There is no prosperity apart from God
    Fear not.

    Rev. Anthony - 10/11/2013

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