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    I was just wondering, for pastors and church leaders, what kind of podium do you have? There are so many types available today, I mean I didn't even know about colored acrylic podiums until recently- Staff edit: unauthorized link, please read rule 7 - Why did you choose the podium you have- was your decision based on functionality, style, or both? I'm interested to hear what you have to say. Thank you!
  2. I use a "music" stand that can be easily be folded up. I am a no frills kind of guy, but I do like "chalk boards". Drawing images speaks volumes, as I find most people are visual learners.
  3. Not to be pedantic but...

    I had a professor once that went to great lengths to explain to us that a podium is a small raised stage from which one may speak.

    A lectern is a small stand on which to place notes, or simply to stand behind.

    You may have actually meant podium, in which case my post here is even more off the point than otherwise.


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