Pls report errors

Discussion in 'Staff Announcements' started by Jeffin, Dec 18, 2009.

  1. Pls report errors

    If you encounter any errors, please forward it to me or one of the staff. In the next few days I will be working to resolve technical issues that come up. Thanks everyone.
  2. I noticed that all background pictures are gone. Is this feature done away with?
  3. Thanks for all you do Jeff and all the time yo and the staff are putting into this site..God bless you and give you strength and wisdom for all you need!
  4. Even though there is a place on my account to track my private messages, I can't track them. When I click it, it says I do not have permission to.
  5. Hi Jeff,

    I have tried to post in the prayer team discussion forum but my posts do not show up...just letting you know so you can look into it. Thank you Sir:)

  6. With the Upgrade I find viewing BBC code of a post is almost impossible. It must be only about 1pt in size and is black on a dark gray background! This is just silly, and I do hope you can fix this!


    - BM
  7. Jeff, is there ever going to be a daily list of those who were on the forum like we used to have? (Or maybe it's somewhere I've not found?)

    With my severe health and time limitations, going to this at least gave me quick info. as to who was around and who not - along with the colours to show who are Mods. and Helpers. Very important!

    I find this to be a most serious loss.

    - BM
  8. Up top it keeps saying I have three visitor messages and I answered them and cannot remove the notification . It still remains
  9. Me too..that's the way mine is too..I have to get Godb4me to unmoderate them..I hate to have to bother her just to have her to do that for me..that stinks:)
  10. That's why we have this area for Jeff to see the problems

  11. Staff are aware of this problem, which is still to be resolved.

    As Puppy said, godbe4me can unmoderate them, and I understand is happy to do this for us. I'm just about to contact Jeff and will mention it to him again, as it does need to get fixed.

    Apologies to all who have been affected by this.


    - BM
  12. Now I cannot see my visitor messages at all and it seems to be stuck .
  13. Can some one please remove the notification of visitor messages and I cannot see my messages and it is stuck in this mode.and says there are three not monitored.

    Hey Every one just send me PMs instead . Thanks

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