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  1. If you are experiencing websites downtimes or outages, please reply here. Thanks.
  2. I have experienced a few over the last couple of days or so. I did not think to take note of the times though.
    What I have experienced is the site seems to just go to sleep...become unresponsive. Is that what you mean? I thought it might have been FireFox at first, but Hey it isn't Windoze type S/W. I tried switching to Opera and found the same problem, I also interspersed my browsing with other American based sites and also some Ozzie sites and found that they were responding well, so intermediate node/relay issues seem not to be a factor. On one occasion I left the site then came back on line and all seemed OK...that could have been coincidental or it might have been in some way...I don't know, maybe a cookie issue.
  3. Hi @calvin, that is what I meant. The site goes unresponsive for a few seconds / minutes and then it wakes up. I have found the cause of the issue and I have started working on it now. Thanks for letting me know.
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    The cause of the down-times have been dealt with. If you still experience lags, please reply here. Thanks.

    Also some security updates done and advertisements removed.
  5. It went sleepy byes at 7:07pm my local time again. probably for about 1 minute
  6. Ooh really. :unsure: I've managed to repair some issues. I don't know what else is now causing it. Gotta keep investigating. Thank you for letting me @calvin.
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    Well they are not entirely fixed Jeff. 9:20 am Saturday Morning I could not even log on. I could log on to two other US sites no problems. I then tried Opera and still could not log on here. I wish you were getting reports from some others. But it is not a BIG problem anyway.
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  8. Twice I couldn't post a reply, I left the thread and when I came back a few minutes later the first time there were three identical posts, the second time there were two identical, the second time was the thread New Birth, not Religion post # 85.

    I sent a report at that time, I hope this helps.
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