pls pray for my dad

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  1. My dad is abt to leave( my mom's throwing him out):

    Pray for,

    # work

    # strength ,perserverance, mental strength

    # God's favor

    Idk, right now i feel like my life is in a bottle and its being shook up
  2. Aw, Pancakes .... I have been praying for your household for awhile. I will continue. Trust in God.
  3. Aw, thankyou silk..if you need prayer..let me know and ill return the favor.
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  4. Indeed I will.
  5. I to will pray and continue as much as the Lord brings you to my rememberance

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  6. Thnx everyone
  7. OK I got ya covered Pancakes
  8. Prayed for unity in your family.

    God bless you!
  9. Sorry to hear that pancakes....praying for you....
  10. Speak to your mom! Show her the scripture that says marriage is as unto God first. I just don't see how divorce is not also kicking God out. If there is violence it equals a temporary separation. Never divorce. Prayer can only do so much. You need to go to her with scripture. Good luck!!
  11. Even in the OT - divorce was allowed. Under the Law. Prayer can only do so much??????? KingJ - I respect you and believe you are a man of God but I have to say I don't agree with you in this. Would you advise the BTK killer's wife to stick with him? Whatever.... Pancakes - you need only understand that whatever is occurring between your father and mother has naught to do with you or your love that you have for both. Love and give aid to both without taking sides.
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  12. @ Kingj... thats practically bible bashing.. plus she still supports me ... so I don't think thats the best way to go.

    But thank you guys again, id also like if you could pray for me bc.. its been crazy. I can't sleep..only for a few hours and when im hungry, I don't feel like eating ..despite the fact im a natural glutton lol...

    I just need prayers = /
    Again thnx in adv.
  13. Call it what you want, its the truth and your mom needs to hear / be reminded of it. God does NOT want your dad out. That I can promise you.
  14. Let's keep focused on what Pancakes is asking :) Let's stay on track.

    Pancakes, I am praying. I am so sorry. E-mail me if you need to talk! I am just a message away!
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  15. I'd be happy to pray for you and your family Pancakes. Also, when ever I see a post asking for prayer, I may not post or respond in the thread, but I do pray for the request.
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    Consider it a done deal!

    Dear God......I pray right now over this wonderful invention of a machine that allows us to reach out over the air and touch the lives of your children who are in pain and need your help.
    Bless this dear child of yours and her parents. Not knowing the cause of the breakup I simply ask that whatever it is that YOU fix it and restore the relationship and allow Pancakes to recover and feel better, and secure and confident..........In Jesus name, Amen and Amen!

    You are a good kid and I have grown to love you. Well, as much as anyone can over a computer message but It seems to me that your heart is good and that you love your parents as should everyone.

    There are lots of really good people who are available to you and I hope you will you the resources available to you. This can be a traumatic time for you but it can also be a learning experience as well.
    May God bless you and keep you in the palm of HIS hand!
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  17. You're in my prayers. *HUGS*
  18. I will pray for all your family, in fact I'll do it right now...God bless you Pancake; you're in God's hands. :)
  19. Not just for your dad.. For you also..
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  20. Of course sis...may the Lord intervene and work it together for all of your good...praying...
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