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  1. Please

    Hey, I have a suggestion thats of benefit to anyone that has posts removed.
    Would be nice if mods could take the time to either issue a warning or PM us with why things are removed..
    Otherwise, we will most likely just repeat it :smiley150:

  2. If we had a post removed and really stopped to think about what we said, we would probably know why. But if we don't I think we are permitted to PM a mod and ask why
  3. The only thing I can come up with is because I spoke my mind on what I think about cleavage, but I doubt thats the reason, maybe its because of my choice of words?? I dont know but it needs to be explained so I know, looked through the rules and couldnt find much to backup the removal, except the possibility it was some how sexual explicit which is why I am asking :D
    Id PM a MOD but I dont know who removed it.
  4. choice of words is the reason given by the remover.
    We'll take this suggestion on board. :) You can always pm the staff if you want to know.
  5. Sometimes it is the subject. But if it was how it was phrased or wording it would be sufficient to say a woman should be modest as not to be a temptation or this verse could apply to a woman as well as a man.

    1 John 2:10
    He who loves his brother man continues in the light, and his life puts no stumbling-block in the way of others.

    IMO we should always ask the Lord first what or if we say anything, and then how to say it.
  6. Sorry Jeff. Your post wasn't there when I started mine :)
  7. Thanks Jeff, I will try again, because I think the story has some meaning, but I wont be all like I was last time :)
    God bless.
  8. No probs at all. :D

  9. In the past, posts used to get removed for reasons other than the fact they were offensive, etc.

    An ex-member of the staff who is now gone from the forums removed several posts of mine because I asked a question about something on the forum, and they claimed it was because they didn't want to 'reveal' information to hackers. This didn't really 'require' that my whole post be removed, as the thread could have been closed and a PM sent. And yes, I was very surprised to see it took me to send a message to them to get an explanation as to why.

  10. JesusLovesAll - HEy. THat was my fault. I moved it. I will send you a PM when I get out of work to explain the sudden moving of the thread. My half-hour break is over, so I need to get off.

    But I do apologize for not sending you a PM right after! Just wait for 4 more hours, and I'll be out of work and will send you a PM immediately! :)

    Thank you for your patience.

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