Please tell me what you think of this article.

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  1. Please tell me what you think of this article.

    I've been doing a lot of thinking about Heaven, and I've been thinking-what if the Lord takes all the believers to Heaven before I've even lived my life? Before I've even experienced the wonderful joy of having a child? raising a family? Before I've even made love? (Not trying to make this skeevy) I mean don't get me wrong-going to Heaven is going to be wonderful. But I still want to live my life, ya know? And if it doesn't happen in my generation, it will happen to another person who is just starting their life.

    So I googled it. And found this. Please read and tell me your thoughts. I generally don't like to believe something I found just because I like the sound of it. So that's why I need insight from all my wise internet friends.:p

    Born in Heaven! You can have a baby in Heaven!

  2. If there is no marriage, I can't believe there is/will be intercourse/sex.
  3. Are you asking is there childbirth in Heaven?
  4. Child Birth was a major one for me. But it's not just's basically everything I said in my first post and I wonder about everything this article mentioned. Not sure if that answered your question.
  5. Whose Life

    Whose life:confused: ............................................I thought you gave up your life when you became a Christian:confused:
  6. I don't understand. Giving your life to Christ doesn't mean you can't enjoy the gifts God gave us.:confused:
  7. I believe that we are spirit beings having a physical experience here on earth.

    I do not think we will take these corrupt bodies into heaven where there is only incorruptible.

    I don't think we will even WANT to do anything that we did here on don't worry....I don't think you will miss anything because then it wouldn't be heaven!!
  8. His Life, not yours

    You must be young:D I'm 54:eek: Now I remember similiar thoughts when I was a youngster... Now my life has been but a vapor.... I know way to many disfunctional families, and friends whose suffered decades and still are suffering over their children... And grand-children.....:(

    Oh! and sex, I don't believe you "make love"... Sorry:( Making love are the other 23 hours and 59 minutes:p... you and your partner share...

    I studied the word LOVE in scripture... That's real love...

    I must know alot of disfunctional people, because none of them, no matter how many boyfriends, husbands, affairs, have ever been"made love" to except in their minds... Later they all woke up :eek:

    Christ should be our 1st and primary Husband... He and He alone will fullfill His desires for us... Which should become our desires...;) If not we should all pray for it... :groupray:

    None of the things you mention will totally satisfy in the long run... Some satisfation will only be for a season... Some will be discovered not as what was thought or believe to be...

    Those who have experience the opposite of what I mention is the exception not the rule...:blink:

    I still contend, whose life is it anyway... Before Christ you were DEAD in your sins... The life you now have is in Christ... It's His life, not yours:israel:

  9. I don't think that I like nor care for that website, nor it's "founder" --the David Berg guy. The guy seems obsessed with sex more than anything. What first struck me was that every piece of artwork had scantily clothed women, with their breasts, buttocks, and thighs showing. I began to search the links on the site and read about this Berg character. I found the following:

    In 1976, David proposed an unprecedented corollary to the Law of Love: He contended that, in certain circumstances, it would be acceptable for a Christian to have sexual relations with someone in an effort to demonstrate a tangible manifestation of God's Love, thereby helping them to come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.

    "What better way to show them the Love of God than to do your best to supply their desperately hungry needs for love, fellowship, companionship, mental and spiritual communication, and physical needs such as food, clothing, shelter, warmth, affection, a tender loving kiss, a soft warm embrace, the healing touch of your loving hands, the comforting feeling of your body next to theirs -- and yes, even sex if need be!" [79]
    "What greater way could you show anyone your love than to give them your all in the bed of love? How much more can you show them the Love of God than to show them His Love to the uttermost through you? How much more love can you show them than this?" [80]


    Wikipedia also has some rather un-nice things to say about this man.

    David Berg - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Personally, when I find things like this on a website, I don't even care if anything is actually true or not. All lies usually have some element of truth in them. From what little I have read about David Berg on this website in his own words, and also from wikipedia.... I think he is nothing more than a cult leader. I wouldn't trust anything that a man would say after reading about his promotion of using sex for witnessing.
  10. I wouldn’t fret too much about it. There are a lot of different concepts of heaven, but super bodies, and sex and reading babies minds?
    All I know is heaven is going to be like we can never imagine. The most happiest occasion here on earth, (having a baby for instance) won’t even come close to what we will have in heaven. The way I look at it is we won’t have everything we want, but everything we have will be what we want. What more could anyone ask for?

  11. One more thing came to mind.
    Mat 24:11And many false prophetsshallrise,andshall deceive many.
  12. :p
    I'm actually a little confused by the "making love" point you were trying to make. Not that you didn't explain it well, it's just confusion is natural for me. lol.

    It's just that I'm 19 and I have so little experience in the joys of adult life whether it be having a family or whatnot. And I guess it's hard for me to understand that any joy here on Earth will be nothing compared to the joy of Heaven.:D

    It's just I want to have a baby so bad!!! And a husband!! And I can't wait for life to begin!!!

    lol, I'm going thru a phase I think.:p
  13. Don't be in a hurry to grow up to fast. That's when girls end up meeting the wrong man because they are too focused on their fairy tale dream to realize what is real around them.

    Focus on God. Focus on your education. Focus on career. At your age, one of the most important things should be getting an education and a good job. You don't want to wake up one day and find that your fairy tale turned into a nightmare, and now you are divorced, a single mother, unemployed, and have no education or skills to get a good job to support your children.

    Life doesn't begin by getting married and having a baby.
  14. I understand that.:) I won't even consider getting married till I'm out of college!! Having a family is more of a fantasy that I can control, but thanks!:D I also appreciated your insight on the author of that article. Something was telling me the article was bogus which is why I asked you guys.

    You're all a blessing.
  15. For some, I think, having a child is one of the greatest joys a human being could ever experience.

    But what's in eye has seen and no mind can conceive the joys! Wow! Cuddling our own children when we're barren might seem like the top joy we could ever have.

    Multiply that by infinity. Human minds can't even begin to imagine the great joy and song constantly going in heaven. It's our Father's kingdom.

    What's going to take place in heaven, I believe, is going to far surpass the great joy of having a child. Far, far, far, far, far, far, far surpass it. It's going to far surpass any intimacy that's limited by flesh. Physical intimacy is going to seem like a speck of water vapor in the largest, deepest sea compared to the joy God has planned for us.

    This is flesh (pinches you). It's limited to what it can feel. We aren't going to be bound by flesh in our Father's kingdom.


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