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  1. My wife and I spoke with Habitat for Humanity today and the woman is encouraging us to apply when the applications open back up again. She has said that we would qualify for a home through their program.

    The home that we would qualify for will be a 4 bedroom home that will be handicapped ready for my wife. This includes larger doorways, wider hallways, and safety rails where needed. She said that they monthly payments will be between $420 and $500 a month and will include the insurance payments as well as property taxes. That price will not be much more than what we will start paying come December when our rent goes up.

    If anyone knows about Habitat for Humanity, you will know that there is much volunteering that the "family" will have to do. Something like 350 hours. I will be doing the bulk of those hours, if not all of them. The hours include helping build others' homes as well as our own. So this home will truly feel like our home and there is a sense of pride knowing that my sweat and blood (undoubtedly I will bleed at some point) will be part of it's construction.

    We are super excited about this path that God has put before us. Please pray in agreement with us that the devil will not place a hand in this and that God is glorified throughout the process as we build our home and become homeowners.
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  2. Indeed I will -- that's great.
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  3. Amen and in full agreement.
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  4. Praying as well! :)
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  5. I am just plain excited to pray about this. Please keep yourselves in our minds continuously. Tell us what's happening. Tell us about your family. Tell us how they are helping. Tell us about your personal work. Tell us about friends who help (if they can). Tell us about any meals people supply the crew. Tell us about your style and colors. Just tell us things you think of, to assure that you are on our minds and in our prayers -- okay? May the L-rd bless you and your family, blessing every effort beyond your imagination!
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  6. Hello Naomanos, we certainly will pray for you and your family brother, so glad God has placed a path in your life and if he has, he has already prepared the way for HIS work in your life. You'll do fine and keep us updated!
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  7. Praying bro!
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