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Discussion in 'Fellowship Time' started by DaisyD, Sep 12, 2015.

  1. Will continue to pray!
    Just a thought, make a petition card of what he is looking for in a job and take it to God, asking Him to meet every requirement. Then continually thank God for providing the right job that meets all of your requests. If need be God can and will make a job just for your husband. Also ask God to give you Scriptures to stand on and meditate, to give you strength.

    I herd a story where a woman did this and God met every request on her petition card. Even supplied a car from the company when she only lived 10 minutes away. But God loved her so much that He met her every need.

    God bless
  2. I know it has been quite awhile since you posted this but as i read this tonight, it encouraged me to continue to read Scriptures that strengthen me in my own situation. God has done many things to provide for us, including making shampoo and such last for months after it should have been gone. Much like the widow woman who fed the prophet with her last little bit of flour and oil....only to have it not run out till the rains came to give her plenty.

    Jim and i are Rejoicing with you that God has opened doors for you, and is keeping you in the center of His will! We trust that He will continue to provide supernaturally for you in mighty ways as well!

    God bless

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