Please Look At This Drawing Im Working On :d Plus Info On Comissions

Discussion in 'Gallery' started by hyperkilia, Oct 13, 2012.

  1. Finally getting somewhere with this.

    For those of you interested in commissions I will be opening them again soon. They are closed at the moment as I have three commissions to do. When I have finished this one and I will then open. I will put names down now though on the list (I dont do point commissions anymore due to pencils and art equipment costing alot) Something like this is anywhere from $50 to $100 and you need to pay for the postage. This cost goes into the pencils and other things that is needed (this ofcourse is dependent on the size of paper as to how much it will cost and the complexity of it) I also need a photo of the animal/pet you are wanting me to draw, as I draw right from the photo.

    I also only use Paypal!.

    Please let me know what you think of the drawing thankyou [​IMG]
  2. Hey hyperkilia, new to the forum and just checked out the pic. It's great! Do you do people or only animals?
  3. Hi thanks so much for the comment :D.

    I've only started with People so right now for others I would say no... only because I do not wish to disappoint. I had been working on animals for a few years now and only really started taking commissions for them.

    Maybe in a few months time or something but until I get good at them I dont intend. Thanks again for the comment :D
  4. Oh and welcome to the forum :D
  5. Hi Hyper, thanks for the reply and your honesty. Where in Sth Oz you from, I'm from Perth Originally now Thailand is home, haven't been back for over 4 years.
  6. Oh wow, huge change then, isnt Thailand much hotter than aus? Im in Adelaide :).
    Went to Singapore at the start of this year which was amazing. I wouldnt imagion Thailand too different to SG.

    Haha not a problem.
  7. Nah Perths hotter, but the humidity kills you. SG is great worked there for a while on oil rigs, great clean city great people. City of Churches huh? God place to be if u r a Christian
  8. Thankyou :D
  9. Yeah Singapore is really good. Oh wow :D.

    I guess so... though kinda sad that the Prime minister of Aus is athiest and is accepting the Muslims to build their temples and stuff here and in schools and pree schools around Christmas they cant say Christmas as it might offend the Muslims so they say happy holidays. VERY sad.

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