Please, I need help with my master's thesis

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  1. Please, I need help with my master's thesis

    Hello all,

    I need help and advise with my studies. As some of you might know I'm a psychology-student and also researcher in religion. In January 2008 I will need to finish my master's thesis,which is about Faith and Society. So we have December now and my professor told me that I will need at least 60 more American Christians who are willing to answer the questions of my questionnaire or I get into real problems with my thesis. :( The aim of my master's thesis is to answer the question: What can European Christians learn from American Christians? And I am sure there is a lot!

    So please, if any one of you could help me with some information on that topic, with phrases from the bible, with contacts to US-American churches or with participating in the survey (, you can really help me! And I am sure that with the help of God I can help others a lot with a better understanding in the psyche of religion!

    I really appreciate any help

    God bless

  2. I will take your survey.

    Okay... I did it.

    Took about 10 minutes.
  3. I took your survey.
  4. I took it too.
  5. :)who is he,s master lol.
  6. I took it also but I think some of the questions were way to broad to be that definitive.
  7. I took your survey. I would be interested to see the outcome.
  8. I took the survey, but some of the questions were rather confusing!
  9. Survey completed.
  10. Thank you all! You guys really made my day! :heart:

    Also: if any of you has any feedback or ideas (also for liturature) I really appreciate it!

    God bless
  11. If I may be so bold as to ask is this is this going to be a posative thing for Christians. Some such " studies have been used to present Christianity in a negative light.
  12. I guess being a European Christian I won't be able to help....
  13. I took your survey as well.

    I'll do a little file searching and see what I can find that may be helpful to you as well.
  14. Oh well I'm on the fence.... LOL .... Again and all alone.... sniff sniff.....:sad01_anim::sad::sad02:
  15. Of course! :) I am a Christian by myself and I could experience that the so called "science" at times presented Christianity in a negative way. :( For me science is a way to help understanding things from another perspective. And I try to use this perspective to make it a useful tool for my faith. In my opinion science and faith are no enemies (even if some want to see them as such). In my opinion they are allies and can support each other. And that is what I try to learn from it.

    Thank you all again for your support. It is really great from you and I will let you know about the results. :)

    God bless
  16. A short progression feedback to you on the study: I have finished now reading all literature! YAY!:dance:
    And now I will make the evaluations and calculations within the next two weeks. Anyone who still wants to participate in the study is greatly welcomed to do so: About 10 more people to go would really be good!

    Anyways. Thanks to all of you again for your help! I'll let you know more soon.
  17. i agree science will get to the answer in the end,in a longwinded way,lol.:)
  18. Count me in! It was painless....:D

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