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  1. Hello. I am a college student who has been living with my boyfriend for 2 years. We plan to get married when I finish school but in the meantime we both have been convicted of our living together. We think this will hinder our future marriage and our relationship with God. He is moving out monday. I am so terrified of being alone in the place we shared so long. I am working on a rigorous degree that requires a lot of studying so with him gone I feel like I have no th ing to look foreward to. I'm feeling sad lonely and depressed and could really use any words of wisdom and encouragement. Thank you in advance.
  2. The Holy Spirit who convicted you hasn't gone away. He is still right there, always able to meet your every need. The time is "always right" with Him. One doesn't need to continue in loneliness, fear and depression, with the greatest Spiritual Advocate right there with you. Rejoice that you are following His lead in living separately for a time. The day that you and your boyfriend stand together at the altar, hear the prayers, hear each other say "I do" and then the Pastor's pronouncement will be the greatest reward the two of you have ever experienced. The Spiritual Certificate will be signed, "I love you, God."
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  3. Get married; don't fall for the 'when it is time/ convienent' worldly BS ("Bad Stuff :)). 'When it feels good' is not a bible commandment; committing to each other "for better or worse" is.

  4. Amen.. thank you so much this is greatly encouraging I have saved your words and will read them when I feel unsure. I never thought about how convicting it would be to get married knowing I ignored Gods leading in our relationshig so thank you for that realization. I just really want to use this time to lean on God and put him higher in my heart than my boyfriend. Sometimes though I get so down and lonely. But thank you very much for your kind words.
    Grace with you.
  5. Thank you for your reply. Well see I would love to get married now but I am going to a very expensive business school which i have been blessed to have my parents pay for. It would be very difficult financially to pull off without them. I truly believe the Lord set it up this way though. I think we both need more time to grow spiritually before we get married. The purpose of marriage is to help lead eachother spiritually and we probably both need work in that area so the living apart should help. it is very hard to wait though :/ we want to be together very much now its just not the wise choice. Thank you for your reply :) I do appreciate I

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